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What to Expect with Your Insurance Rates in 2023

Did you know insurance rates are going up for landlords, even when they’ve never filed a claim? Get up to speed on what to expect for multifamily and landlord insurance policy costs and coverages in 2023 and what you can do to reduce your insurance premiums.

This webinar is designed to help rental property owners of all kinds save money on insurance this year, don’t miss out!

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Lauren Lieb, rental property insurance expert at InsuranceHub, will be sharing her insider knowledge in this 60-minute presentation. You’ll learn:

  • Little-known tips that can help you drastically reduce your insurance premiums.
  • What you can and can’t control when it comes to your insurance rates.
  • What factors have the greatest effects on policy premiums and coverage.
  • The most likely causes of claims for landlords.

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    Trust No One, Check Them Out: How to Screen Everyone From Your Property Manager to Your Doctor
    Overcome the Three Worst Fears for Replacing your Rental: Finding, Borrowing and Timing
    The Ultimate Guide to Rental Pricing Tactics for SFR Property Managers
    Transform Your Business with Technology Investments the Government Will Pay You to Make
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    Landlord Asset Protection Workshop: Safeguard Your Investments
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    [FREE] RentRedi's CEO Shares How Property Management Software Can Benefit Large and Small Investors
    Defer Capital Gains Taxes With or Without a 1031 Exchange
    4 Reasons to Consider All-Cash/Debt-Free DST Properties for a 1031 Exchange
    The Win-Win Approach to Multifamily Investing
    How to Use Delaware Statutory Trusts in a 1031 Exchange
    How to Comply With California's Balcony & Deck Ordinance SB721- SB326
    How To Scale From Single Family to Multifamily Rentals
    How to Defer Capital Gains Without Doing a 1031 Exchange
    NY Landlord Legal Compliance Update
    How to Protect You and Your Rentals from Financial and Legal Exposure
    The Legal Aspects of Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS): What You Need to Know
    Low-Cost Strategies to Decrease Late Rent Payments and Delinquencies
    FREE Webinar! High Growth Real Estate Investing Strategies: Panel Discussion 
    Smart Access Control: RemoteLock's CEO and CMO Share How Landlords Are Going Keyless
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    Sell Now and Skip the Taxes
    Estate Planning Workshop for Landlords
    How to Increase Revenue In 2022
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    Deferring Capital Gains in the Biden Era
    Can’t Evict Tenants? Learn About Credit-Reporting Late Payments!
    Post-Pandemic Tenant Screening Workshop
    How to Grow Your Business with Property Management Software (FREE)
    Can’t Evict? How to Report Your Tenants’ Late Payments
    Apartment Owners, the Biden Tax Plan, and 1031 Exchanges
    Assistance Animals in Housing
    Remote Real Estate Investing 101
    Game Changing Federal Tax Increases: The Legal and Financial Impact to Your Assets
    Using 1031 Exchanges as a Preferred Tax Strategy
    2021 State of the Rental Industry: How the Pandemic Has Transformed Leasing
    How to Defer/Reduce Capital Gains with Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) Investments
    Defer Capital Gains Taxes Without a 1031 Exchange
    New York Landlord COVID-19 Legal Survival
    5 Ways to Get a Discount on Multifamily Insurance
    Escape Rental Headaches with a 1031 Exchange
    Multifamily Financing in the Wake of a Pandemic
    CA Eviction Moratorium Update and How to Recover Rent Using Small Claims
    The Future of Property Management: Your Guide to Boosting Profits in 2021
    Q and A with Real Estate CPA and Tax Strategist
    The Legal Aspects of Filling a Vacancy in a Troubled Economy
    1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts
    Attorneys Explain New California Rental Laws
    Leveraging Credit Reporting to Get Timely Rent Payments
    How to Maximize 2020 Tax Deductions and Depreciation
    4 New Communication Strategies to Attract, Convert, and Retain Quality Tenants
    How to Defer Capital Gains Without Doing a 1031 Exchange
    Estate Planning for Landlords
    Collecting on Non-Payment of Rent During a Pandemic
    The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Collecting After COVID-19
    How to Title Your Real Estate: LLCs, Partnerships, S-Corps, and More
    Insuring Your Rental During COVID-19
    Exchange your Rental for a Different Lifestyle
    California Statewide Rent Control (AB 1482)
    Part Two: Coronavirus and Landlords QA with Attorneys
    Coronavirus and Landlords: Effects on Evictions, Assets, and Liability (Free)
    1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts
    Protecting Your Rental Income in a Pandemic: Screening and Leasing Strategies
    Fair Housing Webinar: Policies, Procedures, and HUD’s New Assistance Animals in Housing Notice
    Debt Collection and Small Claims Done Right in 2020
    Insuring Your Rentals: Insider Tips to Getting the Best Rates
    Advanced 1031 Exchange and DST Diversification Strategies
    Rent Control and Asset Protection - Don't Get Blindsided, Protect Your Property and Other Assets
    Taking the Mystery Out of Tax Planning
    How to Build a State-Specific Lease Agreement
    1031 Exchange and Delaware Statutory Trusts
    How to Scale Your Business By Raising Money from Passive Investors
    Turn Your Property Management Website into Your Best Employee
    Intro to 1031 Exchanges for the Real Estate Investor
    How to Reduce Your Rental’s Water/Energy Consumption & Qualify for “Green Loans” [FREE Webinar]
    How to Properly Screen and Qualify Tenants [FREE Webinar]
    Asset Protection Webinar - Protect Your Property from Predators, Creditors, Liens, and Judgments
    Strategic Tax Deductions for Rental Owners
    California Lease Termination Best Practices
    How to Build a Strong California Lease
    Contested California Evictions: How to Handle Tenant's Habitability Defenses in Court
    How to Implement No-Smoking Policies (To Improve Your Bottom Line and Please Your Tenants)
    9 Pitfalls To Avoid When Getting New Tenants
    Control Vacancy: Where Marketing Meets Revenue Management
    Bed Bug Treatment 101
    How the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Affects Landlords - Hyper Accelerated Depreciation
    New Marijuana Laws and Rentals
    Debt Collection and Small Claims Done Right
    How to Reduce Your Tax Bill Using the New Tax Law for Rental Owners
    Housing Veterans Most in Need: An Overview of the HUD-VASH Program
    5 Ways to Help Guarantee a Lease
    Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in California Evictions
    Inspecting and Monitoring for Bed Bugs: A Path to Early Detection, Limiting Cost and Community-wide Management
    How to Accelerate Rental Tax Deductions Using the New Tax Code
    How to Prevent Emotional Support Animal Discrimination Lawsuits
    Tenant Collections Done Right
    Bed Bugs 101 for Landlords
    How to Reduce Rental Losses Using LeaseGuarantee
    5 Steps to Increase Your Passive Income
    Advanced 1031 Exchange Strategies Part II
    Property Management KPIs: Understanding Revenue, Profitability and Unit Economics
    How to Identify and File Insurance Claims for Significant Damage
    How to Identify a Profitable Income Property
    Animal Accommodation Requests — Know Your Rights and Responsibilities
    How to Interview Potential Tenants
    Advanced 1031 Exchange Strategies
    Property Accounting 101
    Do’s and Don’ts of Returning Security Deposits
    The Future of Apartment Marketing
    How to Market Vacancies to Obtain Qualified Tenants
    The Secret to Growing Your Property Management Business
    How to Prepare a Solid Lease Agreement
    What They Don't Teach You in Landlord School
    Recovery for Rental Property Damages
    Don't Get Scammed! 5 Ways to Verify Vendors, Contractors, and Employees
    Criminal Background Checks and Identity Fraud Uncovered
    Step by Step Guide: How to Recover Lost Rent and Damages
    How to Write Off Rental Property Losses
    Screening Tenants - Basic Lessons for Landlords
    4 Red Flags to Look for on Tenant Credit Checks