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Post-Pandemic Tenant Screening Workshop

Avoid Scams, Find Top-Tier Tenants, and Confidently Rent

This webinar is for beginner and advanced landlords alike. Alexandra Alvarado, AAOA’s Director of Education, will cover in detail the best ways to screen tenants and will reveal little-known facts about where screening data comes from and how to get the most out of the screening process.

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In this 60-minute webinar you will learn:

  • 4 common tenant scams and how to spot them
  • How to analyze a credit report like an expert (it’s more than just looking at the score!)
  • How to verify income and calculate risk
  • What questions you should ask landlord references
  • How to get accurate eviction and criminal reports and where the data comes from
  • How to screen “non-traditional” applicants (self-employed, no SSN, college students, etc.)
  • How to use LeaseGuarantee to cover unpaid rent or damages