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Leveraging Credit Reporting to Get Timely Rent Payments

Join us to learn the first step you should take when a tenant stops paying rent and how to motivate tenants that can pay rent to keep paying rent. Experts from Sperlonga Data will give you an insider look at credit reporting and how you can use it to almost guarantee you’ll get paid on time.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The “science” behind how the credit bureaus determine your tenants’ credit scores
  • How and when payments get reported to the credit bureaus
  • How credit reporting has changed in recent years to favor tenants
  • How to report delinquent rent payments to the credit bureaus without using a collection agency or court judgment
  • How to incentivize tenants to pay rent on time
  • How to use credit reporting tools to get better quality tenants and keep them longer
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