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Fair Housing Webinar: Policies, Procedures, and HUD’s New Assistance Animals in Housing Notice

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Our attorney guest speaker will be discussing two important topics for all rental housing providers, followed by a live Q&A – don’t miss out!

Part I: Fair Housing Policies and Procedures

Each housing provider should have written policies and procedures that can be used to train employees, ensure consistency, and defend against claims of fair housing violations.  During the webinar the most important policies and procedures will be identified along with the best practices for their development.

Part II: HUD’s New Notice Concerning Assistance Animals in Housing

The general requirements for how to process requests for assistance animals along with the rules and procedures housing providers should follow.  HUD’s new Notice includes some different procedures from what housing providers have been using, and we plan to highlight the differences during this webinar.

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About the Speaker:

Kathelene (Kathi) Williams is a partner in the Law Firm of Williams & Edelstein, P.C. providing defense and preventative representation for the housing industry in all civil rights matters. Kathelene is a co-founder and partner in the Fair Housing Institute, Inc. a full-service training and consulting firm whose mission is to educate and advise the housing industry throughout the country about the social and economic benefits of providing fair housing and equal employment. Kathi Williams represents housing industry clients from throughout the country on fair housing and other civil rights matters.