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How to Reduce Your Rental’s Water/Energy Consumption & Qualify for “Green Loans” [FREE Webinar]

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If you want to significantly reduce your property’s water and energy consumption while simultaneously delighting residents and enhancing your property’s value this webinar is for you!

Reducing water consumptions can be complex – tenants don’t want to use less of it, costly leaks may be occurring without you knowing, and efficient water distribution is a challenge.  Failing to address any one of these items properly often produces fatal flaws in your building’s savings projections while negatively impacting resident satisfaction.

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Our speaker, Troy Sherman, Co-Founder of Evolve Technologies, will share his expertise in water conservation. He will discuss:

  • The challenges with reducing shower water waste
  • How to implement a cost-effective water saving solution that keeps your tenants happy
  • A case study that shows how one apartment complex was able to save thousands of dollars with one easy water saving solution
  • How to qualify for Green Loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • How to receive a complete Return on Investment in a year or less when implementing his water saving solution