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How to Read a Credit Report and Avoid a Nightmare Tenant

Did you know tenant credit scores went up on average during the pandemic? Looking at a credit score is not always the best indicator of financial health, there are several pieces of crucial information most landlords aren’t looking at when they review a credit report. This class will show you how to inspect a credit report like a pro and verify income and references, so you can avoid nightmare tenants. Whether you’ve been screening tenants for years or just getting started, you will learn something new!

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This webinar cover:

  • The 4 biggest red flags on a credit report that most landlords miss
  • An overview of what information is and is not on a credit report
  • What factors influence a credit score and why
  • How to verify income and references the right way
  • What questions you should be asking references
  • Common tenant scams and how to spot them
  • How to guarantee a lease

All registrants will receive a free rental application, tenant screening e-book, and landlord/employment reference questionnaire.