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Assistance Animals in Housing

Service or support. HUD or DOJ. FHA or ADA. Do you know the differences?

In this 60 minute session we’ll discuss what you need to know now about assistance animals and accommodation requests — from the 101 basics to the 2020 HUD Assistance Animal Notice.

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Our speaker, Victoria Cowart, CPM, is a property management instructor and multi-family industry member with extensive experience providing management and oversight for multifamily housing communities (conventional & subsidized), mobile home communities, and HOAs. She now serves the National Apartment Association as its Legislative Chair for 2021. She is passionate about education, simplification, and creating ease and understanding for industry members.

This webinar is sponsored by PetScreening. PetScreening™ helps housing providers manage residents’ pets and assistance animals digitally while generating opportunities for pet-related revenue. The virtual screening platform standardizes risk-assessment for household pets by providing a digital Pet Profile and FIDO Score for each pet screened. PetScreening streamlines the assistance animal accommodation request review process while following HUD guidelines, and it helps limit unauthorized pets. For more information, visit