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How to Accelerate Rental Tax Deductions Using the New Tax Code

Are you aware that the IRC Section 263(a) is the biggest tax change since 1986 and it is required for all commercial property owners to be in compliance or face stiff taxpayer penalties?

Attend this informative webinar where you will:

  • Understand how the new tax laws can accelerate a deduction you are already taking
  • Get the most immediate tax benefit from structural repairs
  • Learn processes and simple strategies that you and your CPA can do together to save taxes
  • Be introduced to a tax strategy used by every fortune 5000 company that applies to apartment buildings also
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About the Speaker: Kevin Jerry is the Executive Vice President of Cost Segregation Services Incorporated (CSSI). He is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant on the subject of cost segregation and the Tangible Property Regulations – two tax saving strategies that all building owners should understand.