The American Apartment Owners Association, the largest apartment owners association in the U.S., features a comprehensive tenant verification service to meet all your tenant screening needs

The American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) is more than the largest apartment owners association in the country – it is the most trusted name in providing tenant verification services. AAOA recognizes the importance of renting to only the best-qualified rental applicants. That is why we provide a tenant verification system to surpass all others and give you the very best tenant verification services available.

We provide landlords with the most up-to-date tenant verification results in real-time.

You no longer have to rely on your attorney or a slow credit-reporting agency to provide you with the tenant verification results that you need. Landlords can no longer rely on a handshake or the word of an applicant who promises to pay rent on time. Another crucial aspect of the tenant verification process is that landlords must never accept any forms or documents that the applicant claims are records pertaining to their credit or criminal history or any other documents related to tenant services. Applicants can easily make up fictitious documents or have someone pretend they are the applicant’s landlord and give a glowing reference. You will not be duped into schemes perpetrated by unqualified applicants when you use the comprehensive AAOA tenant screening service.

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Some applicants may reveal details of a temporary financial setback that caused a short-term problem with paying bills. Other applicants will boldly lie to you throughout the application process, assuming that you will never discover their lies during the tenant verification process. With every AAOA tenant verification services package that you order, you receive a free credit report. Tenant verification costs are often passed on to the tenant. When you have an applicant who is honest and sincerely looking to rent your property for its intended purpose, the applicant usually has no issues with paying for the cost of tenant verification.

Tenant Verification

With tenant verification services provided by American Apartment Owners Association, you can quickly determine who your best-qualified applicants are.

When you trust the American Apartment Owners Association to provide the comprehensive tenant verification services that you need, you get the screening results quickly and easily. You can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants and watch as the best-qualified applicants rise above the other applicants. Avoid renting to applicants who are unlikely to pay the rent in a timely manner and may damage your rental property. Choose your AAOA tenant screening packages that best meets your tenant verification service needs and feel confident that the information is the most reliable tenant verification available.

It is imperative to understand that each of the tenant verification service checks provides one of the essential components to the entire picture of who your applicants really are.

Eviction History – The eviction history provides comprehensive tenant verification results regarding whether the applicant has a record of prior or pending evictions. You can search the eviction history on a state-specific or national level.

Previous Address Tenant History – Discover whether each of your rental applicants gives you truthful information regarding previous addresses. Learn whether the applicant obviously lied during the application process to cover for a poor rental history or even a criminal record.

Criminal History – Criminals sometimes go from one rental property to another using the rental property to conduct illicit activities such as drug deals, prostitution, plotting terrorism or other serious criminal offenses. Even if an applicant with a criminal history does not plan to conduct any criminal activities on the premises, you may wish to refrain from renting to them. Conducting the criminal history searches on your choice of state or national level reveals whether your applicant is a convicted criminal. Conducting searches that are more advanced can lead to discovery of even more serious criminal records.

Terrorist and Sex Offender Searches – Including the Terrorist Search and the Sex Offender Search in every one of your tenant verification service packages helps to protect your investment in your rental properties as well as your reputation as an upstanding landlord who only rents to highly qualified applicants.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – Check the social security number given by your applicant against the search results to ensure that the names and numbers match. Avoid renting to someone perpetrating identity theft when you add this search to each of your tenant verification checks.

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