Comprehensive Rental Credit Check is Crucial to Determining the Best-Qualified Rental Applicants

Conducting a comprehensive rental credit check on every adult applicant is vital to determining the best-qualified applicants. Landlords should conduct the thorough rental credit report that contains a great deal more information than just the rental credit check form. When you include more than just the rental credit check application in your tenant screening searches, you obtain the comprehensive information you need to select the best-qualified rental applicants.

Eliminate unqualified rental applicants when you obtain all your comprehensive rental credit report information from the American Apartment Owners Association

The American Apartment Owners Association understands how difficult it is to find qualified rental applicants. As the largest apartment owners association in the country, AAOA has extensive experience providing the thorough rental credit check service that you need. You get all the rental credit check reports in real-time with the most recent information available. The only exception is the rental credit report itself, which is not provided immediately, but still received as quickly as possible. Avoid having to wait until the credit reporting agencies report back to you after they are finally satisfied that the applicant requested a rental credit check. When you trust AAOA, the go-to source for all your rental credit check service needs, you get the rental credit check faster. We simply send applicants an email, quickly verifying their identity and authorization to release the rental credit check to you.

Rental Credit Check

There is more to rental credit checks than just the rental credit report.

The rental credit check involves much more than simply obtaining the rental credit check form. The credit check only provides information regarding the applicant’s history of making payments on time or the failure to demonstrate financial responsibility. When you trust the American Apartment Owners Association for all your rental credit check needs, you get the most comprehensive information that rental credit check companies have available.

Credit Report – The rental credit report itself provides information related to the applicant’s payment history on accounts. When AAOA runs the rental credit check on each of your applicants you may also learn why the applicant wants to rent your property. Perhaps the applicant is simply a long-time renter. Then again, the rental credit check reveals details such as if there is a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your applicant’s rental credit report. When you rely on AAOA for your rental credit check service, you receive your basic rental credit check free of charge with each package.

Eviction History – Unbeknownst to some landlords is the fact that the basic rental credit report does not contain information regarding an applicant’s eviction history. You have to specifically include the eviction history request when you order your rental credit check package. Including the eviction history report with every rental credit report package gives you the information you need to determine if an applicant has an eviction history. Failing to include the eviction history report with your rental credit checks could prove disastrous. You could face expensive attorney fees and court costs to evict the tenant later and potentially lose rental income.

Criminal History – The criminal history report is crucial to include in every rental credit report package. Do not get taken advantage of by criminals who smile, shake your hand and soon start using your rental property to perpetrate their illegal activities. Choose between the state or national criminal history searches.

Terrorist and sex offender search – Including the terrorist and sex offender federal searches with all your rental credit check service reports reveals whether your applicant has a record for these serious criminal offenses.

Social Security Number Fraud Check– Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. Landlords may unknowingly become victim of an applicant guilty of identity theft during the rental credit check application process. If you fail to conduct the social security number fraud check, you have no idea if the social security number listed by the applicant on the rental credit check form is the actual social security number belonging to that applicant. Match the social security number with the name when you include the social security number fraud check with all your rental credit check packages.

Protect your investment in your rental properties and the safety of other tenants by conducting these and other comprehensive rental credit report searches.

Rely on American Apartment Owners Association for all your rental credit checks. AAOA, the trusted name in rental credit check companies, gives you accurate information in real-time, the first time and every time.