Credit Check for Landlords Helps Landlords Rent to Best-Qualified Applicants

Credit checks for landlords assists landlords trying to find the best tenants and weed out unqualified applicants. Credit check landlord search results give you the information you need to hand the keys to the best-qualified applicants and say “Sorry, it is already rented” to your unqualified applicants.

The credit check for landlord results that you get from American Apartment Owners Association gives you the wealth of information you need to make crucial decisions. AAOA is the largest apartment owners association in the country and the go-to source when you conduct the credit check for landlords.

You get a clear picture of who your applicant really is with your choice of American Apartment Owners Association credit check for landlords packages.

The credit checks for landlords screening packages from AAOA provides a variety of reports that easily and quickly allows you to determine who your unqualified applicants are and who is the best-qualified. You may think your normal method of determining qualified tenants by obtaining a credit report works. However, the truth is that it does not give you the comprehensive results you need when you need them. You also likely find yourself sitting around and waiting for results from the credit reporting agencies. While you wait for credit agency results, prospective great tenants may move on, leaving you to choose from poorly qualified applicants. The credit report gives you only some of the credit check for landlords information you need. It does not give you thorough credit check landlord information that presents the full picture of whether an applicant is qualified.

You need the full array of tenant checks provided in your choice of AAOA credit checks for landlords screening packages.

Credit Check for Landlords

Comprehensive packages providing credit check for landlords are available in real time and provide the most up-to-date information available.

Credit report – The credit report is the most basic of the credit checks for landlord searches. When you obtain a credit report from a credit-reporting agency, you often have to wait until you provide proof that the tenant authorized the release of their credit report. Then you have to play the waiting game even longer after sending them the proof until they send the credit report. AAOA understands that this waiting game can potentially cause you to lose a good tenant. That is why we simply send an email to the applicant, directing each applicant to our website to verify his or her identity and authorize the release the credit report to you. Learn whether the applicant pays bills on time or is hiding a history of not paying bills when due.

Telecheck Check Verification – Separate good check writers from the bad ones when you conduct the TeleCheck verification. It does you no good to accept rent from an applicant and let them move in only to learn later that their check bounced. With TeleCheck verification, you quickly learn your applicant’s check-writing history from over 51 million records in the TeleCheck system.

Eviction History – Landlords sometimes believe that credit report results reveal whether an applicant has an eviction history. Only the eviction history report reveals this detailed information. Learn the number of previous evictions, the dates the evictions occurred and location of the eviction(s). Tenants often move around from one location to another, thinking that prospective landlords will not learn about their eviction in another area.

Criminal History – Searching the criminal history is a crucial component of every credit check for landlords search. Do not limit your search to whatever information you find when searching from home. You choose whether you want to conduct your credit checks for landlords to include the criminal history search on a state or national level. Remember that the more comprehensive your credit check landlord searches, the better results you get.

Terrorist and Sex Offender – Terrorists and sex offenders often relocate to hide their past after release from jail or prison. They also relocate to avoid prosecution. Avoid renting to known sex offenders or terrorists when you include federal searches for these offenses in every credit check for landlords screening package.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – Including the Social Security Number fraud check in your credit check for landlords screening reveals whether the social security number given by your applicant matches their name and social security number. Identity theft is a rising problem. Landlords become unwitting victims when their own credit check for landlords fails to verify identity with the social security number fraud check.

AAOA provides quick and easy credit checks for landlords

Get comprehensive results in real time, every time, when you purchase all your credit checks for landlord packages from American Apartment Owners Association.