The best tenant screening service includes comprehensive tenant screening to determine which applicant is the best-qualified. If you fail to engage in the best tenant screening process, you risk renting to an unqualified applicant with a history of evictions, damaging rental properties or even those with a serious criminal record.

Trust the American Apartment Owners Association to provide you with the best tenant screening services.

Tenant screening goes far beyond just jotting down a few notes along with the name of your applicant and their place of employment. You can only determine the best-qualified applicants and weed out those who are unqualified when you perform the best tenant screening possible. You must never give the keys to an applicant waving cash in their hand just because that demonstrates the applicant has the required rent and deposit available right then. If you do, that could well be the only time you receive money from that prospective tenant. No matter what types of excuses you hear from the applicant, conducting the comprehensive screening is crucial. There are a variety of searches that you need to include in your best tenant screening practices.

Credit report – The credit report, which AAOA provides free of charge with each of its best tenant screening service packages, reveals whether the applicant pays their bills and credit accounts on time.

Eviction History – Landlords sometimes mistakenly assume that the credit report portion of the best tenant screening services includes information regarding an applicant’s eviction history. This is not true. You must choose a best tenant screening package that includes the eviction history report on either a state-specific or a national level to obtain information on the applicant’s eviction history.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – Applicants who commit identity theft often use the social security number of their known victim or create a fictitious social security number to hopefully avoid detection when landlords conduct their comprehensive background searches. The best tenant screening service includes the social security number fraud check so that landlords can weed out these perpetrators.

Criminal History – Landlords rely on best tenant screening from trusted sources like AAOA to provide them with the most up-to-date information regarding an applicant’s criminal history. Criminals often move around so it is imperative to conduct the criminal history that goes beyond just your local records.

Terrorist and sex offender search – Avoid renting to terrorists and sex offenders by including the terrorist and sex offender searches in all your best tenant screening service packages. These serious criminals prey on victims and may hope landlords will not learn about their background. Protect your reputation by weeding out these and other unqualified applicants with best tenant screening practices.

Previous Address Tenant History – Rental applicants sometimes fail to disclose previous addresses, hoping that the landlord will not use a best tenant screening service to discover the deception. Including the previous address tenant history in your tenant screening searches will help you discover whether your applicant was truthful about previous addresses or whether previous addresses were intentionally not disclosed.

Best Tenant Screening

Landlords often pass the cost of their screening to prospective tenants.

The landlord tenant laws permit landlords to recover the cost of screening applicants. When you explain to your applicant that you conduct the best tenant screening process possible, a tenant truly interested in living in your rental property and taking care of the premises should have no objections to paying the costs. Therefore, there is no need to skimp on using the best tenant screening process available.

AAOA realizes the importance of providing landlords with results of tenant screening quickly so many of our results are provided in real-time.

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