Conducting a background check for renters is crucial to the very nature of your position as a landlord, whether you have just one rental property or multiple rental properties. The background checks for renters gives landlords the information needed to decide which applicant is the best-qualified applicant.

Getting the previous background check rental information on every one of your applicants is crucial to weeding out unqualified applicants and watching the best-qualified rise to the top of the applicant pool.

Landlords cannot rely on information verbally stated at an apartment or other type of rental property showing. Nor can a landlord rely on any type of written or printed documentation presented by the prospective tenant, including official-looking documents or verifications. Virtually anyone can create documents or forms that appear to be legitimate but are in fact just something created by a dishonest tenant or other scammer.

You must conduct a comprehensive background check for renters to discover the true background check rental history and other information. Relying on a single trusted source for all your background checks for renters often saves landlords a great deal of money over the cost of using multiple companies for various aspects of the screening process. When you rely on the American Apartment Owners Association for all your background check for renters screenings, you get comprehensive results on each of your applicants when you need the results. AAOA gives you the option to purchase the background check for renters package that best suits your needs. Choose your ideal tenant screening package or order background check renters forms a la carte and create your own background checks for renters packages.

Credit reports are available with every package, so choose the package that is right for your needs.

Eviction History – The credit report does not reveal if an applicant has a history of evictions. Selecting a package that features either state-specific or national eviction history results will reveal whether your prospective tenant pays rent on time.

Criminal History – No landlord wants to rent to anyone with a criminal history, especially if the offenses are more than minor infractions. Including the criminal history search when conducting your background checks for renters helps you discover if the applicant has a criminal past and the types of crimes committed.

Terrorist and Sex Offender Searches – The media has shown pictures and given details regarding rental properties occupied by some terrorists who actually committed acts of terrorism or who were in the process of planning crimes related to terrorism. Sex offenders also often live in rental properties. Protect your reputation as a landlord who only rents to the best-qualified applicants by selecting a background check for renters package that includes the federal searches for terrorism and sex offender offenses.

Previous Address Tenant History – Background check renters searches that include the previous address tenant history helps to weed out applicants who attempt to hide previous addresses for a good reason. Applicants trying to hide evictions or other violations of the rental agreement may intentionally leave out previous addresses on your rental application or other background check for renters forms. Learn whether your applicant honestly disclosed previously addresses or if the tenant is hiding a poor rental history with the previous address tenant history.

Background Check for Renters

Protecting your investment in your rental properties is crucial. One of the best ways to protect your investments in your rental properties is to conduct a comprehensive background check for renters on every applicant including co-applicants.

Never fail to include co-applicants in your background checks for renters because you may end up letting a wanted criminal or person with a long history of evictions live in one of your rental properties. Insist that every adult provide his or her background check rental information to you. Remember that landlords often recover the cost of background check for renters screening from applicants. Prospective tenants likely know that background check renters searches will take place. Advise tenants in advance of the cost of background check for renters screening fees.

Once you realize the importance of screening every applicant, using a reliable, trusted source like AAOA for all your background checks for renters screening needs, you will discover why AAOA has so many satisfied customers. The exceptional customer service as well as the fact that you get many of the background check rental results in real time are just some of the reasons that many landlords regularly trust the American Apartment Owners Association.