Conducting the tenant background check for landlords provides the extensive results needed to select the best qualified applicant. When attempting to determine which prospective tenant to hand the keys to, landlords want to make sure that the comprehensive background checks for landlords provides all the crucial information to make the right decision. Conducting a background check for landlords on every applicant over the age of majority in the state where your rental properties are located will likely give you the satisfaction that your search results yielded the most reliable information available.

The American Apartment Owners Association provides background check for landlords services to meet all your tenant screening needs.

Evaluate every applicant thoroughly when you conduct comprehensive background checks for landlords. Renting to just one bad tenant can potentially ruin your reputation as a landlord who only rents to qualified applicants. Some landlords have found themselves on the evening news after reporters provided details of crimes committed by tenants at the rental property. Avoid seeing your rental property in the media or having reporters putting a microphone in your face by conducting a comprehensive background check for landlords on each of your rental applicants. Get the most reliable, up-to-date results from AAOA, a trusted source for providing the best background checks for landlords services.

Background Check for Landlords

There is no need to skimp on your background check for landlord packages since the cost of tenant screening is often passed on to the applicant.

Avoid relying on just the credit report when screening applicants. The credit report is an excellent source of information that reveals whether the applicant pays utilities, accounts and other bills on time. However, it does not reveal other extensive background check for landlords information that is crucial in determining the best rental applicant. It is imperative for landlords to include other aspects of tenant screening to get the comprehensive results you need.

Previous Address Tenant History – The previous address tenant history determines whether the applicant was truthful when listing previous addresses. Tenants with a poor rental history or a criminal record may fail to disclose one or more previous addresses in hopes that a new prospective landlord will not discover their hidden address history.

TeleCheck Verification – If you accept checks for payment of the rent, the TeleCheck verification will quickly let you know whether the applicant has a history of writing bad checks.

Eviction History – Landlords wanting to rent to qualified applicants will always choose a background check for landlords package that includes an extensive eviction history search that includes areas outside the area of the rental property. This is because tenants often move from one rental property to the next, leaving a trail of evictions behind, with landlords suffering the losses associated with having to evict the tenant. Choose your option of the state-specific or national level eviction history report with your background check for landlords packages.

Criminal History – Criminals may hope that landlords will not conduct a comprehensive background check for landlords screening. While some people have minor run-ins with law enforcement and serve their time or make restitution for their minor offenses, other criminals commit violent crimes in the community or use rental properties to conduct their criminal activities. Including the state or national criminal history search when you order your background checks for landlords helps you weed out applicants with a criminal history.

Once you advise your prospective tenant that you cannot accept the money in his or her hand until you get the results of the background check for landlords screening results, you want to conduct the comprehensive screening as soon as possible. AAOA understands that speed is an issue when you have prospective tenants ready to move in. The American Apartment Owners Association provides you with all the reports containing the most up-to-date information except the credit report. However, you and your applicant do not have to wait for the credit reporting agencies who want proof that the applicant actually authorized the release of their credit report. The applicant simply responds to our email and we quickly provide you with the credit report.

It is imperative that landlords never accept forms or reports provided by applicants.

An applicant or virtually anyone else can create an official-looking credit report or rental history verification or even criminal record report. If you accept documents or forms from applicants, you run the risk that the documents and reports are fictitious or not up-to-date. As the largest landlord association in the country, AAOA provides you with the most comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date background check for landlords information, often in real time.

Trust AAOA for all your background checks for landlords needs.