Conducting a thorough apartment background check on every adult applicant is crucial to make sure you only rent to well-qualified rental applicants. If you fail to trust in comprehensive apartment background checks, the results can lead to disaster. Landlords lose money as well as their reputation when taken advantage of by tenants who fail to abide by the terms of the rental agreement.

The apartment background check helps protect your investments in your rental properties

Whether you have only a couple rental properties or a couple hundred rental properties one bad tenant can cause problems that affect your rental property investments. Court costs and attorney fees as well as repairs for damages caused by tenants add up quickly. You could also suffer the effects of a damaged reputation as a responsible landlord if you fail to conduct a comprehensive apartment background check on every applicant.

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Eviction History – Including the eviction history report in all your apartment background checks potentially saves you money associated with evicting tenants who neglect their responsibilities under the rental agreement and the state landlord tenant laws. Avoid court costs, attorney fees and other costs by weeding out applicants with an eviction history.

Criminal History – Criminals often move around from one rental property to another, especially if using the rental properties while committing crimes such as dealing drugs or prostitution. When you choose an apartment background check package, select your choice of apartment background checks that screen for criminal history on a state-specific or national level.

Previous Address Tenant History – Tenants with a poor rental history or with a criminal record may attempt to hide that information by excluding previous addresses during the apartment background check process. The previous address tenant history reveals whether your applicant gave you truthful information about previous addresses.

Terrorist and Sex Offender Search – The terrorist and the sex offender search reveals whether your applicant has a record for either of these serious federal offenses. Protect your other tenants, yourself and neighbors when you quickly eliminate an applicant with a history of terrorist or sex offender offenses.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – perpetrators of social security number fraud do not give landlords false social security numbers because they simply forgot their own during the apartment background checks. When an applicant gives a fictitious social security number, there is little doubt that there is a serious reason for this fraud. Identity theft, criminal offenders trying to hide from law enforcement or those with a poor rental history are just some examples of reasons applicants may give you a false social security number. Eliminating applicants who commit social security number fraud saves you the trouble of dealing with such dishonest people.

Apartment Background Check

Additional tips help landlords weed out unqualified applicants during the apartment background check process.

As a landlord you must never neglect to perform comprehensive apartment background checks on every adult applicant, including co-applicants. Never accept money offered by a tenant who wants to seal the deal, so to speak, knowing he or she prevents you from discovering vital information from an apartment background check. If you fail to get apartment background check results on every applicant or you take money for rent and deposit from an applicant, you risk renting to a convicted criminal or even a criminal on the run from law enforcement. Avoid renting to criminals, those attempting to prevent you from discovering information about co-applicants and other unqualified applicants by always conducting thorough apartment background checks.

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