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Rhode Island Tenant Screening Background Checks

The relationship between landlords and tenants does not begin with the signing of a lease; it begins at the time of application. While it is important to have rental properties occupied, it is more important that rental properties are occupied by the best tenants. When you use American Apartment Owners Association provides a variety of Rhode Island Tenant Screening packages that will meet your needs for screening applicants, whether you have one Rhode Island rental property or 100 rental properties in Rhode Island.

Screening applicants goes beyond a simple form that you draw up yourself. Get the detailed Rhode Island Tenant Screening forms that will give you the prospective tenant’s credit report, rental history, employment history, that verifies the applicant is indeed who they say they are and much more. You can not only learn if your applicant has a local criminal history; you can learn if the applicant has been convicted of serious offenses such as sex offender or terrorist activities nationwide.

When you use the detailed Rhode Island Tenant Screening Forms you are protecting your reputation and potentially saving a considerable amount of money. With the extensive screening provided in the Rhode Island Tenant Screening process, you can weed out applicants with a poor rental, employment and credit history and those with criminal records. Court costs, attorney fees and other costs related to evictions are not cheap. Save money and the time-consuming process of filing evictions or other claims later when you get the proper Rhode Island Tenant Screening Forms.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Rhode Island? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.