Nebraska Tenant Screening Background Checks

Conducting comprehensive American Apartment Owners Association can provide you with the full array of background checks needed for your rental properties in Nebraska whether you only have one rental property or you have hundreds of rental properties.

It is imperative for you to conduct a full, thorough tenant background check on each adult applicant and not just the primary applicant. Primary applicants may do all the talking and volunteer to complete all the necessary forms without the co-tenant having to sign or agree to anything. When you perform comprehensive Nebraska Tenant Screening Background Checks, you prevent the spouse or significant other, adult children, roommates or other people with criminal records or poor rental history from living in one of your Nebraska rental properties.

Use the Previous Address Tenant History to verify whether the applicant truthfully revealed all required previous addresses or failed to report any previous addresses, perhaps hiding a his or her poor rental history, even past evictions. The Telecheck Verification provides verification of whether your applicants are responsible when writing checks or if the applicant has a history of writing bad checks or has previously tendered fraudulent checks.

Some landlords mistakenly believe that conducting a credit check will reveal the applicant’s previous rental history, including evictions, but this is not the case. A credit report is essential to providing details regarding whether the applicant is financially responsible but has nothing to do with the applicant’s eviction history. You must include the Eviction History when performing your Nebraska Tenant Screening Background Checks. The Eviction History will reveal whether the applicant has a good rental history or whether the tenant has previous evictions. Because American Apartment Owners Association provides the most up-to-date records and gives you reliable information in minimal time, applicants with recent evictions cannot hide their poor rental history.

No landlord wants criminals living in their properties and the Criminal History helps eliminate applicants with a criminal record from consideration. In addition to a local records search, it is imperative that landlords search state-specific and nationwide criminal databases on every applicant in order to protect other tenants and to eliminate the potential for criminal activity at your Nebraska rental property. The Terrorist Search and the Sex Offender Search quickly discloses whether your applicant has a history of these serious offenses. Since criminals often move around, the Federal Search will search nationwide records, revealing whether the applicant has a record in another city or state. Conducting these comprehensive searches will not only keep criminals out of your rental properties; when you keep the criminals out you are protecting your reputation as a landlord who only rents to qualified applicants.

The Social Security Number Fraud Check lets you know if the applicant gave you the correct social security number when applying to rent one of your Nebraska rental properties. Including the Social Security Number Frauds Check is essential to make sure that your applicant is indeed the person that the given social security number belongs to and to avoid the potential for identity theft.

When you conduct thorough Nebraska Tenant Screening Background Checks there is no need to skimp on the background checks. Every applicant can pay the cost of conducting the Nebraska Tenant Screening Background Checks as the costs are often passed on to the prospective tenant. If your applicant is honest and has nothing to hide, then the applicant should not mind paying the cost of the comprehensive Nebraska Tenant Screening Background Checks in order to rent one of your properties.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Nebraska? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.