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Professionally created New York Landlord Forms are crucial for every landlord of New York rental properties. A vague form that does not comply with legal requirements or that is so vague that it becomes an issue in court can cost you a great deal of money and time.

The American Apartment Owners Association features comprehensive New York Landlord Forms that will provide you with the landlord forms you need when you need them. The Residential rental agreement is the most important of the New York Landlord Forms to each tenancy. An improperly worded or vague lease could potentially result in a ruling against you or voiding of part or the entire lease if challenged by a tenant or attorney in court. The properly created lease features proper wording, provides information required under New York Real Property Statutes. You may require tenants to pay a security deposit for which you will need the Rental Deposit Form. It describes the deposit required of the tenant and can serve as legal proof of the amount paid.

New York Landlord Forms

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Occasionally there is a need for the Addendum to Rental Agreement. Landlords can add something to the rental agreement so long as it does not significantly alter the terms of the original lease and it does not violate any aspect of New York Landlord Tenant Law. You may wish to require that rent is paid by money order instead of cash or perhaps you want to also accept online payments. Maybe you want to make lawn care the responsibility of the tenant instead of property management as stated in the original lease agreement. These are changes but not drastic changes that significantly affects the terms of the original rental agreement.

The Move In/Move Out Checklist is crucial to complete for every tenant that moves in and moves out of your New York rental properties. Both the tenant and the landlord complete the move in checklist at the beginning of the tenancy. The parties note the condition of the property including any existing damage or obvious needed repairs. Upon termination of the tenancy each party again goes through the premises, noting any damage and needed repairs on the Move Out checklist. If there is damage beyond normal wear and tear the landlord can claim damage to the property in an eviction proceeding or file a separate action to seek compensation for damages to the rental property. Landlords need to enter the premises from time to time to make repairs, upgrades or remodeling or other legitimate reasons.

While tenants cannot refuse a landlord’s reasonable request for access to the property, landlords must not abuse their right of access and cannot just show up without giving proper notice. Including the Notice of Entry with your New York Landlord Forms gives you the form you need to provide proper notification to tenants that you need to gain access to the premises.

When tenants fail to pay rent on time it could mean that the tenant is experiencing a temporary financial hardship or that the tenant decided not to pay rent, taking advantage of living in your rental property rent-free. If you believe your tenant is making every effort to pay delinquent rent the need for drastic action may not be necessary. When the tenant is blatantly ignoring the responsibility of paying rent in a timely manner, the Notice of Past Due Rent serves notice to the tenant that rent is past due and a late fee is incurred if not paid on time. This is the first step towards getting a non-compliant tenant out of the premises. New York Landlord Forms from American Apartment Owners Association can help supply your other needs by supplying the Notice to Pay Rent or Quit and the Notice of Termination of Tenancy.

Choose from a variety of other New York landlord forms based on your individual needs. Having the right form at the right time gives landlords the confidence that the right form is always available for any given situation. Protect your investment in your rental properties by always having the New York Landlord Forms that you need.

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