Woman Uses ChatGPT To Force Landlord Repairs Before Rent Hike

Technology keyboard shutterstock_1938655342Do you want to see ChatGPT solving a real-life problem? It helped New York resident Svetlana used to make her landlord fix amenities before raising the rent. The AI bot wrote a comprehensive letter that effectively urged the rental property owner. The woman declined to share her last name and said, “The rent increase alone was not my gripe.”

“It was the audacity to increase the rent, seemingly in retaliation after I filed a complaint and request for a rent decrease on the basis of decreased building-wide services,” she alleged. Svetlana sent many unanswered emails before ChatGPT elicited a response. Perhaps her method could help you fix similar problems.

I will discuss how the renter made her ChatGPT landlord solution. Later, I will discuss how others use ChatGPT daily, such as making meal plans and helping with homework. That way, you can determine ways you can improve your life with artificial intelligence.

How did the ChatGPT landlord solution work?

The 28-year-old executive assistant felt outraged when her landlord announced a 0.4% rent increase. Yet, Svetlana has been asking the property owner to reduce fees.

She argued her dryer and washer hadn’t been working for over two years. On the other hand, the landlord said he would raise the rent because he repaired the elevator.

Svetlana sent numerous unanswered messages before turning to the AI bot. She asked ChatGPT to pose as a housing lawyer to convince her landlord with legalese.

The NY renter admitted she had several trials before she got the best email from ChatGPT. “That’s the beauty of ChatGPT; the ability to collaborate, bounce ideas around, and put thoughts into cohesive pieces of writing. It’s like a super-smart, objective, real-time sounding board,” the New Yorker said.

The ChatGPT landlord letter was so well-constructed it cited specific sections of the New York rent stabilization code. Moreover, it argued the rent increase was retaliatory, and the woman filed for a rent decrease due to broken appliances.

She said, “My goal was to have the laundry machines repaired, and thankfully they were fixed that month after years of being out of order.” Then, Svetlana added, “I never received an official response from my landlord. There was a sign posted in my building announcing that the laundry rooms were back in service.”

Also, Svetlana has been using the AI bot in her job. She has been using ChatGPT for various purposes, such as asking for objective opinions. However, this ChatGPT landlord solution reinforced her belief in the potential of artificial intelligence. It also convinced Svetlana to use the AI for other legal disputes.

How have other people used ChatGPT?

More people like Svetlana have been applying ChatGPT in their lives. For example, a man from Hong Kong asked the bot to suggest names for his baby.

Some couples have been using the bot to write their wedding vows. For example, Elyse Nguyen asked it to write for her and her fiance. The Qualcomm financial analyst felt relieved when the AI facilitated writing their commitments. “It helped alleviate some stress because I had no prior experience with wedding vows, nor did I know what should be included,” Nguyen stated.

“Plus, ChatGPT is a genius with alliteration, analogies, and metaphors,” she added. Afterward, she cited one of the AI bot’s suggestions, “I promise to be your partner in life with the enthusiasm of a golfer’s first hole-in-one.”

A woman from New York recently shared her ChatGPT landlord solution online. Thanks to the AI bot, Svetlana had her washer and dryer fixed before a rent increase.

As a result, it reinforced her support for the potential of artificial intelligence. Also, she decided to “use ChatGPT every day, for work and fun.”

Source: technology.inquirer.net

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