What Property Managers Need to Look for When Partnering With a RUBS Service Provider

Incorporating a RUBS provider into your portfolio as a property manager is the best way to gain access to custom utility management and cost recovery solutions, but what do you need to look for when shopping for a service provider?

Let us guide you through some of the most important qualities in a company’s customer service, Ratio Utility Billing System, website convenience, and more.

About RUBS

A Ratio Utility Billing System divides utility bills among a property’s residents based on predetermined criteria and can allocate for water, sewer, trash, and more. This is a cost-effective solution for property owners to recover expenditures while also sharing conservation responsibility with residents in a fair manner. 

The Importance of Good Customer Service

For any successful company, developing and selling a quality product or service is only half the battle. Providing your customers with good customer service and support is just as important. Look for a business that values customers’ time, provides knowledgeable and resourceful information while possessing a pleasant attitude, and takes things a step further to exceed your expectations whenever possible. At Livable we pride ourselves on courteous and prompt service, just check out what a partner from The Housing Guild has to say –

“Livable is an invaluable partner to our organization. For years in our rent-controlled City, the only way to increase the bottom line was through unit turnover. Utility costs increased by as much as 20%/yr, which directly impacted NOI. With Livable, we are able to not only recoup most of our utility costs but also are able to pass through future utility price increases. Additionally, we have seen an overall reduction in utility usage since our tenants are incentivized to conserve. The staff at Livable is amazing. Anytime I have had a question or needed assistance, they have immediately been there to help. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the fence about partnering with them. I promise you’ll see an increase in your bottom line and wonder why you didn’t partner with them sooner” – Ryan Shane

Livable Dashboard 

Ease of access to a web portal is essential to a property manager who is taking advantage of a RUBS program. At Livable we offer the “Property manager dashboard”

in which a building manager receives alerts for potential leaks, is able to track utility recovery amounts, and more.

  • Detailed Analytics – easy access to robust analytics, including recovery data and estimates.
  • Track Utility Costs – Livable provides audits so you can make informed decisions by reviewing trends in usage, calculating the current value of your building, and estimating their projected value in the future.
  • Consumption and Billing Alerts – If a utility bill spikes month over month and exceeds your selected threshold, you’ll receive a notification so leaks and other anomalies never go ignored.
  • Compliance – Livable’s legal team stays up to date on Federal, State, and Local ordinances, taking into account how new legislation impacts your bottom line.

Easy to Understand Invoicing

When partnering with a RUBS provider ensure you understand their method of invoicing, an invoice is an itemized list that records the products or services you received, the total amount due, and a method to pay for those items or services. RUBS allocates utilities separately so invoices can be lengthy and confusing, take a look at a sample of a Livable invoice

Clean, simple, and easy to understand – each invoice you receive will adhere to the same guidelines.

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