How to Lower Your Maintenance Costs and Prevent Pests with Vent Products

Apartment owners across America have had the same issue when it comes to keeping ducts clean. Termination vents are often unreliable when it comes to preventing pests from entering and building nests. To combat this issue, Kelly Vanden Bosch of P-tec Products, Inc created the No-Pest Vent to specifically keep pests from making nests in ducts, saving both time and money on maintenance costs.

Initially created to keep birds out of Kelly’s own apartment complex, he realized there was a greater need for such a product. With vents being used all over the country, customers wrote to him commenting on how his vents didn’t keep just birds out, but also lizards, squirrels, mice, bees, scorpions, and more! With such positive feedback, Kelly started creating more models of vents for all types of sidings, growing from one vent to six, with all different sizes and colors. The No-Pest Vent can be used for venting bath fans, stove/range hoods, and dryers.

According to the International Residential Code M1502.3, screens are prohibited from being installed on termination vents. Lint and other elements can build up and become a fire hazard. To prevent such an occurrence, Kelly came up with the dual door idea. The inner door acts as an additional obstacle to deter pests, while the outer door pulls in more air to cycle through the duct to prevent material build-up.

Because of its unique design by utilizing a magnet to keep the door closed when not in use, the No-Pest Vent helps keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter by preventing backdrafts from entering through the vent. Compared to other termination vents, the No-Pest Vent excels at flowing air better when in use, which aids in energy efficiency, keeping the ducts clean, and ultimately saving our customers money on their electric bills as well maintenance costs. Customers have, also, commented on how much faster their clothes are drying because of the increased air flow allowed through their ducts. Whether used on large apartment complexes or single-family homes, the No-Pest Vent will lower maintenance costs and keep tenants happy.


“Over the last three years I’ve installed hundreds of No-Pest Vents in condominiums, apartment complexes, and single-family homes. The No-Pest Vent solves the concerns of lint buildup and bird nesting, while also providing an easy cleanup process.” – Larry, Dr. Duct LLC