Police Sickened by Tenant’s Drug Lab

 dreamstimePolice responding to a disturbance in Van Nuys, California discovered that a tenant was manufacturing a dangerous hallucinogenic drug in his rental apartment.

According to a news report, four of the officers responding became ill shortly after entering the apartment. The officers, along with another resident in the apartment, suffered dizziness and headaches, and were forced to exit.

It was later determined that the illness was caused by fumes from a drug lab. Police said that they discovered what appears to be mimosa root bark, brown liquid and plastic bags used to manufacture DMT, a drug which causes hallucinations but for a shorter period of time that LSD, according to the report.

Workers donned hazmat suits to clear the apartment.

Other residents of the building were forced to evacuate.

While drug manufacturing is illegal, a landlord could be liable for any injuries if it is determined they were negligent in managing the property.

All landlords should start by running criminal background checks to prevent renting to tenants who have a history of illegal drug manufacture or sales. It is also critically important to supervise tenants throughout the term of the lease, including inspections of the rental property from time to time.

Rental owners often are forced to shoulder the cost of drug lab clean-up, and officials may have to inspect the unit before the property can be rented again.

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