ShowMojo 24/7 Live Answer On-Demand

renter scheduling showing on her phoneOver a decade ago ShowMojo pioneered Leasing Automation.

Now, ShowMojo automatically responds to every phone call, every email, and every text message, allowing your prospective renters to self-qualify for and self-schedule showings without anyone in your office lifting a finger.

One of the most powerful pieces of automation within our platform is our ShowMojo PHONE, which answers prospect phone calls and facilitates scheduled showings — all automatically.

  • ShowMojo PHONE answers all your calls for you and voicemails are emailed out as they are received.
  • When a prospective renter calls in, the caller always has the option to receive a schedule-ashowing link to an individual listing or all of your on-market listings.
  • Callers who are a little late for a showing will be informed they can still make the showing, and ShowMojo will send you a text that they are running late. Callers running too late for a showing will be politely canceled and asked to reschedule.
  • You’ll be notified by text about callers already at the property who are waiting for you. And all callers still have access to all other ShowMojo PHONE options.
  • ShowMojo PHONE identifies and assists prospects who haven’t completed all of the showing pre-qualifications. This includes prospects who have not submitted a required document for verification.

What if time is of truly of the essence? We have Live Answer.

Live Answer provides a personal human touch whenever a prospect requests it. While we love good automation and so do your renters, sometimes there are still some questions that may require an answer. 

ShowMojo PHONE still answers all your calls with all the expected bells and whistles and text messages. We’ve just added one new option to direct live calls (either immediately or only when you cannot answer them) to the Live Answer call center.

Scheduled showings and new leads are nurtured with the exact same screening, scheduling, confirmation, and reporting as your current ShowMojo activity.

Everything is tracked through ShowMojo — even prospect questions for you (if you want to allow them). It’s all one system.

Upcoming showings are sent their showing information when they reach Live Answer. The agent will help find and send upcoming showing details to the prospect, so they can review all the details and make any updates.

Anything that cannot be addressed directly by an agent is captured and forwarded as a question to you. These Live Answer Prospect Questions are routed following the same rules (and Team Settings) as new lead notifications. And your team can respond to these questions directly through ShowMojo.

This is all immediately on-demand through the ShowMojo platform. There are no support ticket to file. No setup time. No waiting. Just configure Live Answer and turn it on. Leave it on in perpetuity. Or turn it on and off as you like, and as you need it.

About the Author: 

Abi Wasserman, Sales Manager, ShowMojo

My entire professional career has revolved around the property management industry. Starting in the advertising side of the business and working my way up through the ranks, I even gained the unforgettable experience working of in a property management office. After more than a decade, I’m back on the vendor side of an industry I love, as an advocate for property management professionals. I’ve been there and I know that with each new day in property management, there’s a chance the game changes. I have a passion for working to help property managers identify areas for process improvement in their business while helping them implement new solutions for growth strategies, all the while helping them strengthen their business. Since joining the team at ShowMojo, I’ve been working with PM businesses to help them focus on automating the residential leasing process, delivering significant cost and time efficiencies for everyone involved.