See What a Five-Star Property Management Software Has to Offer

Real estate never stands still, and being a successful property manager, landlord, or investor means finding tools you can trust to keep you ahead of the curve. In an industry with no shortage of surprises, reliable software is essential. 

Choosing the best software can be a very individualized experience; the most important thing is to find a tool that offers the features and functionality you need for your unique portfolio. With that said, there’s no denying that certain software attributes are universally beneficial.

The best tools are the ones that seamlessly integrate all of the most essential features anyone would leverage to run a successful real estate business, all while remaining flexible enough to adapt to any given company’s specific needs.

Finding a software that strikes this crucial (but rare) balance means finding one that’s equal parts comprehensive in features and agile in functionality. It should be chock-full of options without sacrificing a clean interface, and it should be best-in-class without ever becoming stagnant.

DoorLoop property management software earns five stars from users across all major review platforms for those exact reasons. Built in 2019, the software uses state-of-the-art development to bring an intuitive interface to users while offering a full suite of best-in-class features. In this article, we’re closely examining those features individually in order to find out how exactly the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s get started.

DoorLoop property management software

User Experience Comes First

DoorLoop’s perfect rating hinges on its ease of use, which is clearly prioritized by the software. The platform’s interface places simplicity front and center, making it easy for users to access any feature they need within a couple of clicks. This is crucial for those looking for a great software in order to save time and streamline their business’s operations.

In order to ascertain that ease of use was maintained across the board, DoorLoop put itself through a “Grandfather Test.” This literally meant that each of the software’s founders asked their grandparents to accomplish specific tasks within the software, despite having no training or experience on it. Every person involved was able to do so without any issues.

One of DoorLoop’s most consistent goals is to make Customer Support as unnecessary as possible. With that said, the quality of support that users receive is a priority for the company. Knowledgeable support agents are available to users via live chat, email, phone, or Zoom in order to diagnose and solve any issues. Support agents always respond to inquiries within 24 hours during the week, with chat response times averaging at around 5 minutes or less. 

Market your unitsListings and Marketing

Property management doesn’t begin when a lease does; it’s important to choose a platform that supports the complicated process of advertising listings and fielding applications. DoorLoop integrates with numerous popular listing syndication software, like StreetEasy, Zillow, and, in order to do that.

With DoorLoop, users can choose to list their properties on any of these listing websites, in addition to listing all of their vacant units on a custom website through the software. From there, property managers can allow prospects to come to them, fielding applications and managing listings from the same place.

Application Management

Once you list your vacant units on syndication websites (or on your own website), any applications that come in will appear directly in DoorLoop, organized within the “Prospects” section of the software. There, you can view any application within seconds. You can also choose to run a one-click background check in seconds, wasting no time in searching out the most reliable tenants for your properties.

The rental applications themselves are entirely customizable; you can choose to utilize the built-in template available to you on DoorLoop, or to add in any number of questions based on what each unit’s requirements are. You can also customize application fees in order to cover the background check and administrative costs (depending on your state, you may even be able to charge a higher fee in order to turn a profit; be sure to check your local laws).

One-Click Tenant Screening

Gone are the days of needing to wait days (or even weeks) to get a quality background check on a prospect. DoorLoop integrates with TransUnion in order to offer background checks that are as efficient as they are comprehensive. Within seconds, you’re able to run checks on every prospect in order to see their criminal background, bankruptcy records, and eviction history.

Tests cost $40 and can be charged to your tenants as part of their application fees. As mentioned above, you may also be able to upcharge in order to make a profit and cover administrative costs. This depends on your state, so be sure to research your area’s regulations first.

Lease Storage and Management

DoorLoop has comprehensive lease management features, allowing you to stay on top of your leases before they begin and long after they end. You can upload your existing lease templates to the software and easily copy or customize them for repeat uses. You can also request signatures from tenants electronically in one click then store signed documents so that you never lose them. If you ever need to refer to a lease, you can search for any document in one click from anywhere in the software.

Within DoorLoop, you can set unique terms, deadlines, rent payments, recurring charges, late fee structures, and one-time payments for any lease ahead of time or on the fly. Whether you’re setting a rent increase one year from now, establishing a recurring pet rent, or charging a one-time late fee, you’re always in full control of the terms of your lease. More importantly, you can set and forget future terms now so that they don’t become an issue later.

Collect Payments on Autopilot

DoorLoop’s RapidRent feature allows you to collect rent and other payments from tenants without doing anything. Tenants simply log into their secure portals in order to pay rent, recurring fees (like facility charges or pet rent), or late fees. That amount is automatically deposited into your back account through bank sync.

You can stay on top of whether tenants are current or overdue on rent, seeing the payment statuses for all units right from your customizable dashboard on DoorLoop. Notifications can also be sent to you for completed and late payments. You can also send out “Payment Due” or “Payment Overdue” reminders at time frames of your choosing. If payments aren’t made, you can charge late fees of any amount and at any interval you choose for each lease.

Please note that, if you choose to set up an online payment account with DoorLoop, a one-time, nonrefundable $49 fee will be charged. If you are not approved to collect payments, the fee will not be charged.

You don’t have to worry about paying any processing fees for payments; those are charged directly to your tenants (2.95% of the amount being paid is charged for debit or credit cards, and a $1.99 flat fee is charged for ACH payments).

Click here to learn more about RapidRent.

Full accounting featuresFull-Scale Accounting on Your Terms

DoorLoop integrates directly with QuickBooks online, making it easy to transition all of your accounting information and procedures to the software while eliminating double data entry and making your life (and tax season) a lot easier. 

On top of that, DoorLoop offers a full-scale suite of accounting features built into the software. These features are able to do everything QuickBooks can do (and then some). If you don’t use QuickBooks Online or simply want your accounting processes to be as streamlined as possible, leveraging DoorLoop’s built-in accounting features is a fantastic option. These features include:

  • Bank sync and account reconciliation
  • Custom chart of accounts
  • Advanced custom reporting with 60 templates made with the supervision of top CPAs
  • One-click data exports 

Communicate Through the Tenant Portal

You can easily communicate with tenants through a secure, fully encrypted tenant portal. From this portal, tenants can send payments, maintenance requests, lease renewal or termination notices, and any other relevant information directly to you. On the same token, you can send individual or community-wide announcements, documents, and payment reminders.

You and your tenants can rest assured that anything you send through the portal is protected by 256-bit encryption, which is the same level of security used by online banking and the military. 

Manage maintenance requests

Manage Work Orders

DoorLoop makes it easy to oversee every aspect of a maintenance order. You can create orders based on maintenance requests from tenants or from scratch. Work orders can be attache to a specific unit on your property or to a common space.

You can create new work orders (and related workflows) or save templates within the software so that everything is built in for you. Each work order will include descriptions about the task that must be completed, the vendor who is assigned to the task, how urgent the task is, and a due date for the work to be done. Unlimited DoorLoop account can be created for the vendors you work with so that they are instantly sent email notifications about new work orders.

Once a work order has been created and assigned to a vendor, you can track every step of its progress right from the software. This makes it easier and faster than ever to pay vendors once a task is completed.

Learn more about work order management in DoorLoop here. 

Mobile App

DoorLoop has a fully functional mobile application that can be used on any device at no additional cost on your subscription. The app offers every feature that the desktop version of the software has, including file storage and photo/video uploads, so that you can stay on stop of your properties from anywhere. 

Subscription Pricing

DoorLoop offers three subscription packages to fit any budget, portfolio, or scope. Subscription prices are determined by the number of units you manage, not the number of users on your account. This means that you are free to add unlimited users to your account without having to worry about additional fees.

Starter Plan

  • Cost: $49/month (billed annually, $59/month billed monthly)
  • Users: Unlimited (no charge)
  • Units: Unlimited (note: price goes up when over 20 units)
  • Full-scale accounting
  • Document storage (up to 50 MB/unit)
  • RapidRent online payments
  • Tenant portal
  • eSignatures
  • Mobile app

Pro Plan

  • Cost: $79/month (billed annually, $99/month billed monthly)
  • Users: Unlimited (no charge)
  • Units: Unlimited (note: price goes up when over 20 units)
  • Includes all of the features in the Starter plan, plus:
    • Document storage (up to 5 GB/unit)
    • Bank account reconciliation.
    • Community-wide announcements via email, phone, or text message
    • Owner portal
    • Custom access roles for account users
    • One-click data exports
    • Online advertising
    • CRM
    • QuickBooks sync

Premium Plan

  • Cost: $109/month (billed annually, $139/month billed monthly)
  • Users: Unlimited (no charge)
  • Units: Unlimited (note: price goes up when over 20 units)
  • Includes all of the features in the Pro plan, plus:
    • Document storage (unlimited)
    • Incoming ACH payments (no charge)
    • API access for integrations
    • Document storage (unlimited)
    • Priority VIP support

To see all of the features available for each subscription tier, take a closer look at DoorLoop’s pricing plans. 


DoorLoop’s high ratings from users come from the software’s emphasis on ease of use, efficiency, and world-class support. Though DoorLoop’s comprehensive features, flexible updates, and agile software are promising, the only way to tell whether it’s the right choice for your business is to see the software at work for yourself. Be sure to schedule a demo of DoorLoop and get 50% off your first two months on the software.