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Tiny homes are on the rise. They’re more energy efficient, and there are countless creative ways to maximize minimal space.

However, when it comes to the kitchen, less is not more. Everyone wants a large, spacious kitchen with an island (or perhaps two), plenty of storage, an eat-in area and tons of counter space.

So how do you give your clients the kitchen of their dreams when you’re on a serious space budget?

Here are some ideas for taking that small space and transforming it into a luxury kitchen.

Work those walls

Putting a kitchen into a small space means getting creative with utility and functionality. When you can’t build out, build up.

If there’s no room to add counter space and your client needs more storage, look around for empty wall space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets, like those in the kitchen pictured here, are a great way to incorporate a ton of storage into limited space.

Think bright, think light

According to interior design basics, bright and light colors — especially white — can make even the smallest spaces appear much bigger than they really are. This optical illusion can be an asset when you’re trying to give a client a luxurious kitchen in just a small space.

The kitchen picture here — essentially just a corner — is painted in a refreshing off-white color, which makes the kitchen seem almost spacious. The elongated cabinets make the space seem taller, too.

Cutting waste in the corners

Corners are one of the most wasted spaces in a kitchen. Especially when space is limited, you can’t afford not to do something functional with that space.

Installing a corner sink like in the kitchen pictured here can be a great use of a corner. A Lazy Susan is another popular way to utilize the almost unusable space, or you can build wedge-shaped counters and corner cabinets to increase your client’s kitchen storage.

Racks go everywhere

Did you run into a sliver of space that’s too small for a drawer or cabinet yet big enough to stick out like a sore thumb? Your client would appreciative quirky and nuanced details such as a built-in spice rack like the kitchen pictured here.

Opt for smaller appliances

When space is scarce, adding big, bulky appliances into the mix can make your client’s kitchen look even more cramped.

In the kitchen pictured here, the range is not much wider than one of the full-size cabinets. With the mid-sized fridge, the smaller appliances create the illusion that this small kitchen is larger than it really is.

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