Finding Fix for Frigid Rooms

Answer may lie in attic

by Paul Bianchina

Q: My husband and I have a fairly new home (built in 2001). The problem we have had since day one is that the closets are like refrigerators and so are a couple of the back rooms. I climbed up into the attics above these Blizzardrooms and closet and there appears to be ample insulation blown in. Yet you can actually feel a “breeze” coming from wherever. Who can I contact to help fix this?

A: Since you mention that the back rooms are cold in addition to the closets, there could be a problem with the heating ducts. They may not be properly connected, or they could be undersized. A problem with the duct connection at the fittings that come though the floor could also account for the draft. So, one of the first things I would do is contact a heating contractor and have the ducts checked to see if that could be the problem.

While the heating contractor is there, ask him to check around and see if he can determine other sources of air leakage. He may not be able to fix it, but if he sees anything wrong it will be a big help. From there, you would probably want to contact an insulation and weatherization contractor help plug up whatever leaks were discovered.

If you can get the bedrooms warmed up but the closets are still cold, you might want to consider removing the solid closet doors and replacing them with louvered doors. This will allow warm air to circulate into the closets and help keep them from being so cold, and is also good for bringing fresh air into those spaces.

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