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Saving cash to replace that rusty old refrigerator? Thinking about remodeling the kitchen?? Without a doubt, these are expenses we all dread about. Spending on buying or replacing kitchen appliances puts a dent in the wallet. So, how to go on remodeling or replacing in a way that saves some money? Fear not, we are here to give some tips on saving money on kitchen appliances.

1. Do The Research

Kitchen appliances cost a hefty amount of money. Before actually hitting the stores use the internet to do some research. Variety of brands with different price ranges exist.

Some brands also offer promotional packages. Pick the one that suits your budget and the one that suits your needs. It’s not like you are going to buy or replace appliances every other month.Spend some time finding out what features you need and which brands have it at the right price. A little time on research helps you decide what you want more clearly.

2. Don’t Be Impulsive

You don’t want a kitchen set like those seen on TV, so don’t be impulsive and go for the fancy high-end brands. Your wallet won’t be able to handle it. Also, don’t get overwhelmed with all the shiny new things you see in the store. Keep reminding yourself, that’s not what you need and what you came here to buy. Focus on the appliance you need and the money you will be spending. Control the urges of buying anything and everything that’s on sale.

3. Don’t Go for the Latest Models

Do you really need the latest model of the dishwasher with the extra feature? If you buy the previous model, it will save you hundreds of dollars. Stores give discount price on previous models – which are just as good! New models typically have the same feature and function with some added change. The appliance will still perform the primary function even if you buy the previous models.

4. Look For the “Sale” Sign

If you walk by the appliance stores, you will see the “sale” sign more or less throughout the year. Try buying your desired appliance on sale. It will not only save you money, but you might end up buying the desired brand within your budget. If it’s not on sale, ask the salesman the possible date when it might go on sale. Don’t wait for the year end sale. If you are in need of an appliance now, search the stores and the retailers who are giving a deal. Home improvement products are always available on sale throughout the year.

5. Look of Package Deals

If you are in need of multiple appliances, then watch out for the package deals offered. Retailers often offer package deals to boost sales. Even if you don’t need a dryer with the washer if the deal is worth the money spent, go for it. These deals tend to offer savings money than buying individual appliances. You can at least save up to 30% on package deals.

6. Shop for Open Box Items

If you want to save a buck, consider buying a floor model. You will get the same product, with the same warranty without the added price for the box. A floor model doesn’t mean you are getting a bad deal. You are merely getting the same appliance without the cardboard packaging. The cardboard box was going to the storage anyway.

7. Wait for Holiday Sales

Festive season offers a lot of discounts and sales. Keep an eye out for deals during the holidays. Late fall is the peak time when stores provide a lot of concessions. Then there is “Black Friday.” Various high-end brands go on sale at an unbelievable discount rate. You will get your desired brand at a reasonable price. During holiday people renovate their homes to impress the guests. So, new models hit the stores, reducing the price of the old ones. Take advantage of this and save some money.

8. Shop for Scratch and Dents

Who knew a little dent could become your best friend? Scratched or dented appliance are offered at a discounted price. Sometimes the external packaging gets damaged but not the actual product. The damages are cosmetic and barely noticeable. Inspect the dents and decide if you can live with having it there. Scratches and dents don’t affect the way the appliance works. Make sure to check if the warranty is the same for both.

9. Scrape It

If your old appliance is still in usable condition, try selling it. You can use the money in buying the new one. List your appliance in a local listing site and sell online. You can also do a yard selling or trade it in the Sunday flea market of your town. Even if the appliance is unusable, you can still sell the parts in a repair shop and get some money. Remember every penny counts.

10. Buy Second Hand

Search for barely used or second-hand appliances. Search for a store that sells refurbished products. They cost much less than the brand new ones and lasts up to 5 to 10 years based on the condition it is being sold. Consider buying showroom used appliances. These were used to give a demonstration and were hardly ever extensively used. If you have doubts about the appliances, talk to the salesperson and clear away any confusion you may have.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember that you are looking for the best possible value for the money. You don’t have to go for the cheap or off the shelf brands. Otherwise, you might end up with appliances that cause more costs in the long haul. You want every dime spent count and an appliance that make you happy.

Happy shopping!



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