Redesigns Reports for Real Estate Investors is changing their public records real estate reports to make them more useful for real estate investors, the company said yesterday.

For most of our existence, we’ve focused on first time home buyers who want to use the property as a residence, a spokesman said. But we’ve realized that’s changed. Most of our customers today are looking to buy homes as an investment they can rent out to make a steady income. Our new records reflect that changing demographic.

The PropertyOwner spokesman said the change in customer base is related to the way the economy is currently evolving.

For years, real estate was not looked at as a good investment, he said. But now that the Dow is down and real estate prices are rising, that’s where the money is going. People need to invest somewhere. needs to adapt to the new economic model.

The new reports will focus more on current rental prices in the neighborhood than on the overall value of the property, the spokesman said. Residential home buyers are interested in things like the local school system, he explains. But investors simply want to know how much they can potentially make as a landlord. It’s really two different demographics that need access to different types of information.

The new reports are available now at, 1-866-577-5365, or email Manager(at)PropertyOwner(dot)us(dot)org.

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