Prevent Slip and Falls, Protect Your Investments

By Sarah Boudreau from Refinished Bath Solutions

It is 5:00 AM Friday morning. Your renter is hopping in the shower after a long happy hour the night before.  They get one foot in the tub and, whoops!  They slip, fall, and hit their head. A concussion and several medical bills later, they feel wronged by the property management company and make a call to their lawyer.  Whether you are negligent or not, there is a lawsuit coming your way.  You are on the hook to defend if not make restitution for damages.

What can be done?

A bath mat or installing a non-slip will save you and your tenant a world of headaches (pun intended).  Bath mats are pretty self-explanatory. They don’t need to be a cheap eye-soar either.  Bath mats like the Original Refinished Bathtub Mat, have an inverted suction cup design that works on both the original tub surface and refinished bathtubs.  It’s also mold and soap scum resistant, for easy cleaning.

A non-slip on the other hand is a topical coating that creates a permanent texture to the bottom of the tub or shower.  There are several products on the market. Refinished Bath Solutions offers a Pabrec Ekopel 2k based product that is thick, durable, non-abrasive, and easy to apply.  The material can be tinted to match the existing tub providing a uniform appearance. Our non-slip kits dry in only 24 hours

Moral of the story here…

Spend the $35. Protect your tenants from falling. Protect your financial security. Buy peace of mind with a bath mat or non-slip.