New Eviction Notice Required in Erie & Suffolk Counties, NY

Eviction Notice Shutterstock_1768239107 Effective September 12, 2022 by  Administrative Order of the NY CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE OF THE COURTS, landlords will be required to use a new Notice of Petition form when starting a summary eviction proceeding for the nonpayment of rent in the City, Town and Village Courts in the Eighth Judicial District, Erie County and the District Court in the Tenth Judicial District, Suffolk County.  Information will be provided to tenants on how to respond to (“answer”) the Petition . This is a  pilot project under Article 7 of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law involving residential property.

The Notice of Petition form shall be used in place of the form set forth in section 210.42(b) of the Uniform Civil Rules for the City Courts Outside the City of New York, and section 212.42(b) of the Uniform Civil Rules for the District Courts in proceedings brought on the ground that the tenant has defaulted in the payment of rent.  If the landlord  does not have the correct form at the time of commencement of the eviction, the court clerk shall provide the landlord  with the plain language Notice of Petition form, and facilitate the substitution of the correct form for service upon the tenant.

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