ShowMojo Reinvents Voicemail for Residential Rental Professionals

ShowMojo, the online scheduling and prospect-nurturing service, has built a revolutionary new approach to voicemail for leasing agents, landlords, property managers, and Realtors.

Chicago-based ShowMojo has built its business by simplifying the way renters and leasing professionals meet to view rental houses and apartments, which to date, has included an online scheduling service to avoid dropped leads.

The company’s new product, ShowMojo PHONE, embodies this same simple approach to scheduling showings.

Jon Smith, a Property Manager in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was one of the early users of ShowMojo PHONE. “I am very busy and when I cannot answer the phone, I know I lose clients,” he says. “I love that they can call at 1AM and still schedule a showing.”

When a prospective renter calls a leasing professional who subscribes to ShowMojo PHONE, the caller can choose to have a schedule-a-showing link texted directly to his or her smartphone. From that link, the caller can schedule a showing for a specific rental or browse all of the leasing professional’s available rentals.

ShowMojo PHONE can be configured many different ways. It can answer all calls immediately. It can behave as a true voicemail system, answering only when the leasing professional cannot. Additionally, ShowMojo PHONE can give the caller the option to speak to a live person (or simply be transferred elsewhere). This feature might be used, for example, “in the case of a maintenance emergency.”

And, of course, the caller can also leave a voice message. ShowMojo PHONE will immediately email the audio and text transcription of the message to the leasing professional.

ShowMojo has a demonstration of ShowMojo PHONE available for anyone to try at: 312.647.2050 or visit

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