Have You Heard About Zumper?

Apartment listing start-up goes national, adds iPhone app.

Apartment listing service Zumper, currently operating in New York and San Francisco is making good on a promise to broaden its reach to more cities this year.

After launching a beta-test last year, Zumper has now gone national, and offers an iPhone app.

The apartment rental market represents an enormous opportunity; there are 100 million renters in the U.S. and yet the process of finding an apartment is still broken for most renters we speak with, said Anthemos Georgiades, Zumpers CEO. Zumper offers renters real-time, curated listings because our platform is built on direct partnerships with leading landlords and brokers. We have also built a more intuitive way to search for and discover great listings. Were excited to work alongside our incredible group of investors to improve the apartment rental process for all parties involved. Were building for the long term and were very excited by the early traction were seeing.

Based on direct data feeds and partnerships with leading landlords, brokers and property managers, Zumper not only offers renters real-time, curated listings, but also streamlines the lead generation process for landlords and brokers to help them get the right tenant through the door, more efficiently. Tools like hyper-local neighborhood search and tailored news feeds also offer tenants a more intuitive way to search.

Zumpers founders come from the real estate, business, and engineering worlds. Anthemos Georgiades, CEO, comes from a real estate family, worked for the Boston Consulting Group, and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. Taylor Glass-Moore, COO, is a native San Francisco broker with seven years of experience in the field. Technical co-founders Russell Middleton and Leah Jones were both full-stack software engineers at Google before joining Zumper.

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