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For those of you looking to bring more student renters your way, you’re probably wondering how you can do so. After all, it’s one thing to say you want x number of new student renters by a certain time. It’s another thing to have a concrete strategy in place to realistically attract those potential renters.

One smart strategy you can use is to take advantage of social media. With many prospective student renters getting a majority of their information through the Internet, it only makes sense to meet them where they already are. That way, you’ll be able to more effectively market your rentals to a larger audience and hopefully attract more potential renters.

Even if you’re not the most technologically savvy, there are definitely some fairly quick and easy ways you can market your rentals on social media. Read on for a few tips as to how you can best use social media to your advantage.

1. Make your presence known.

Just in general, having some sort of presence on social media is a smart idea for advancing yourself professionally — in this case, for marketing your rentals. So if you don’t yet have any kind of social media specifically for your rentals, that may be the first thing you want to do. Many college students tend to be pretty active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. While you certainly don’t have to create an account for every single one of these social media handles, you may want to choose at least one or two for starters.

2. Know what to post.

If you’re advertising your rental properties to college students, keep in mind what kinds of places they’re typically looking for. Most students won’t be looking for huge spaces and they probably won’t be able to afford any places with sky-high prices. That being said, on social media you might want to emphasize some of the cheaper rentals you have on hand, so that they catch the eye of prospective renters who just happen to be scrolling through.

3. Be concise and informative.

When offering information about your rental property, make sure you convey the most important things clearly and concisely. People looking at rentals online don’t want to spend extra time slogging through an unnecessarily lengthy description of the rental property; instead, they often tend to quickly scan the information, maybe look at some photos of the place, and then make a decision probably in less than a minute.

To keep these potential renters’ attention from slipping out of your grasp, make sure you present the rental information in a snappy, easy-to-read manner; you want to make the process as simple as you can for your customers. Make sure to include the most essential information: location of the rental property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and price. Usually, this amount of information will be enough for potential renters to either get hooked on what you have to offer or move on.

4. Make your social media sites look aesthetically appealing.

This doesn’t mean you have to suddenly be great at graphic design. Instead, you can make your social media site more aesthetic simply by including a few visuals with images and videos. Putting up photos of the rental space can go a long way in helping prospective renters to decide if they like the space or not. Including videos might also be a good idea, perhaps if you want to have a more interactive, thorough presentation of the rental space so that renters can get a better idea of what the entire place looks like.

5. Be both welcoming and professional.

While you do want to be concise in relaying the necessary information, you also want to sound warm and inviting. Prospective renters are sure to appreciate someone who can communicate clearly and welcome them into the community. That means you also want to avoid falling into the trap of sounding overly professional and, consequently, a bit robotic.

To overcome these potential issues, one option is to post on social media about relevant and fun activities and events going on in the neighborhood. College students like to know about fun things they can do in the area where they’ll be staying. To keep them interested, post about local events (e.g. street fairs, block parties, sports games) so that they have an idea of what kind of community they’ll be living in.

Making your rental properties stand out on social media doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, there are a number of small yet effective steps you can take to really get your rentals out there. In the process, you can certainly find ways to market your rentals in a fun and engaging way to attract as many student renters as you want.


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