Transform Old Countertops for Less

by Julie Murphy

Kitchen cabinetsSo, your renters are not interested in looking at those old coffee stains or lovely series of stripes from years of not using a cutting board on the formica countertops? Hmmm.

Why not consider an easy, cost effective solution – overlay countertops? Several types of materials can be used right on top of your old countertop with many advantages:

  • No messy demolition! If the layout of your property is just fine, there is no need to go through the expense of ripping out the countertops.
  • Formica, tile or any substrate can be overlaid.
  • Easy installation – certified personnel take exact measurements, then fabricate the material in the shop for a perfect fit. This means NO MESS in your property.
  • Overlay counter-tops are fitted and glued usually within 1 – 2 days, unlike a long drawn out process for many other types of counter-tops.

The Look of Granite Without the Hassle

A popular type of overlay is called Trend Stone, which has the look of granite without the bi-annual sealing process or the danger of staining or chipping. This material is a mixture of 95% natural stone (granite and quartz) and a polymer, which maintains the beauty of the natural look while adding extra benefits. It’s heat, stain and scratch resistant and has a lifetime guarantee.

Another type of overlay is FLEX-C-MENT -specially formed and produced to obtain many unique looks. Colors of “c-ment” can be mixed to match anything from tile to stone, with very interesting cost-effective results. Commercial grade epoxy is used to seal the surface for extra durability.

When counter-tops need a face-lift, and you want to avoid demolition and downtime, explore the options available with overlay counter-tops.

Your prospective renters will appreciate the modern touch of class!

You’ll appreciate the no-mess, budget friendly solution. Bye Bye eyesore counter-tops! Hello welcoming kitchens and impressive, profitable properties!

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