Property Management Company Offering Landlords Advance Rent Payments

Virginia-based Real Property Management is launching a program that will allow landlords to receive their monthly rent on time, every month, regardless of whether tenants pay on time.

The program is designed to help landlords stabilize cash flow and will provide an important value add for Real Property Management clients. “This is just one of the many ways we try to help our clients manage their properties with efficiency and stability,” said Ashley Leigh, Owner of Real Property Management Pros.

The program operates in a simple fashion. After a landlord client enrolls in the Advanced Rent Program, they will receive their rent payment in advance. Each month, on the 1st business day of the month, Real Property Management Pros will electronically transfer a rent advancement into the landlord bank account regardless of whether the tenant has posted their rent on-time for that pay period. As long as the tenant pays the rent at some point during that month, Real Property Management Pros will continue to advance rent each and every subsequent month.

Landlords who want to participate will first need to engage Real Property Management for services. The program is available for all clients and there is no commitment and no obligation while investigating the process.

Real Property Management is a national real estate management company with over 200 offices in 30 states.

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