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by Julie Murphy

Oven cleaningWe all know that one of the most dirty, tedious and smelly jobs while cleaning an apartment is cleaning the oven. This is a job no cleaning crew looks forward to – it’s time consuming and hard work.

Why not eliminate the messy job altogether -for your cleaning crews AND your tenants?

The easy, cost-effective solution to cleaning ovens is to use an oven liner instead!

An oven liner is merely a liner made of special material that is placed on the bottom of the oven to catch spills and drips during the course of baking.

Oven liners have many advantages:

  • Made from a woven glass substrate, completely encapsulated with a fluoropolymer resin, the oven liner is flexible and can withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees on a constant basis. (This type of material was actually used in the space shuttle and other aerospace applications, so its strength has been proven.)

  • FDA compliant for use near food.

  • Protect your oven appliance asset from careless use from tenants.

  • Make cleaning easy for your tenants. When you present them with a clean, hygienic oven in the beginning, all they need to do is to remove the liner when they see debris accumulating, rinse it with warm water and reposition it in the oven again.

  • No need to use the self-cleaning cycle which uses an extremely large amount of energy and creates dangerous fumes for humans and pets. Aerosol cleaners also have terrible fumes and are very abrasive to oven surfaces.

  • Oven liners often last over a year and cost between $15-22 -much less than hours spent on cleaning would cost.

Reliable FLX oven liners can be purchased on line at

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