Bring in More Revenue with Vending Machines

Vending Machines Aren’t Just for Drinks Anymore

If you are like most landlords, you know that the soda machine in the leasing office creates the easiest money you make.  What may be surprising is how many different types of machines are available for revenue sharing. From popcorn to pinball, each machine you add increases the easy money.

Have you Considered Developing a Vending Machine Plan?

FoosballVending machines aren’t just for beverages any more.  Arcade games and juke boxes are also welcome additions for tenants. Pioneer Vending in Cincinnati, for example,  offers a full range of games, including foosball, billiards, electronic darts, and pinball.  And to increase usage, your business can organize a game league and compete with others for top scores.

To ensure you are maximizing profits, Vending Solutions offers a free audit to help you develop a vending machine plan.  This also includes a consideration of service and liability insurance.

  • Different vendors give different plans, but most offer some type of revenue share, depending on your traffic.  A revenue share is a % of each machine’s monthly income.
  • Rather than revenue sharing, you can donate your vending profits to charity.  Caserri Candy in areas of Massachusetts and Connecticut raises a sizable sum for the National Children’s Cancer Society.
  • Even low traffic clients can benefit from the use of free machines and free service as a tenant perk.

Also, consider that some franchises allow advertising on their machines, so you can bring your business information to other business sites.

Leased laundry equipment is an excellent source of revenue for landlords.

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