The Best Areas to Consider Moving During Another “Remote-Work” Fall

Person on steps with laptopCovid has been around for over a year and doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon, so you might be thinking about where you can move and still enjoy working remotely this fall. You probably can’t go to another country because of the risk of border closings, so you’re looking around to see what’s available nationally and possibly researching the best moving companies in the process.

Thanks to the rise in demand for remote work, the world has made massive strides in creating a friendlier work-at-home atmosphere. So, where can that take you?

Lots of Co-working Space

Some places, like Tucson, Arizona, are known for having an abundance of co-working spaces, making it easy to work remotely. These spaces are designed with freelancers in mind as well as remote-office workers. And the abundance of activities, from hiking trails to art galleries, keep this city interesting.

Columbus, Ohio, also fits this bill quite nicely. The city is an excellent choice for remote workers, given the fact that there are so many walkable neighborhoods complete with plenty of places to work remotely, like cafes and coffee shops. 

Another city you’ll find plenty of community while still being remote is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not only does the city have lots of activities to offer, like flamenco dancing and heritage museums, but there is a variety of co-working spaces to choose from all over the city.

Scenery Is King

Maybe you’re looking for a place with loads of beautiful, natural scenery. Consider Portland, Maine, as an option. It has rocky beaches, forests, and plenty of wildlife. It’s also an excellent choice for a foodie or anyone who considers themselves a beer connoisseur.

If mountains are more your style, consider moving to Bend, Oregon. Sitting at a beautiful 3,623 ft in elevation and located on the  Deschutes River, you can walk outside and enjoy the mountain view while watching the serenity of the river. Bend has many things to offer outside of its scenery such as cuisine and culture. Working remotely here would not disappoint! 

Have you thought about wide-open spaces? Topeka, Kansas, could be the answer you’re looking for if you want skies as far as the eye can see. As a bonus, you can also get some excellent incentives to settle down in the area.

Incentives Bring the People

Other places like Tulsa, Oklahoma, also offer incentives for people that want to work from home. The city wants people to put down roots in the area and offers grants to keep people working in Tulsa. If you move there, you may qualify for around $10,000 for working remotely in the area.

Another state offering grants to people in an attempt to get them to live there is Vermont. There are two different grants for remote workers living there and for those that want to move here. The grants help cover relocation costs in addition to some of your living expenses once you work remotely.

Of course, some incentives aren’t financial—they’re all about what you can do there. Places like Fort Collins, Colorado, have plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. It’s another foodie town with lots of places that offer the perfect atmosphere for doing remote work.

A Few Final Thoughts

Working remotely has proven to many that they can live anywhere and still be able to get the work done. Even if you need to go into an office to feel like you’re working, you have the option of co-working spaces in cities across the country. If scenery is your thing, you have the opportunity to find your favorite place to sit and work while enjoying whatever is right in front of you. Working remotely has also brought incentives out from other places to keep people interested in what that city or town has to offer.