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by Julie Murphy

Picking lockProtect your properties and keep your tenants safe with a modern, keyless entry system.

There are systems for every need from the owners who have only several units to those with 100 or more, and everything in between. The most common approaches are either a “pin-pad” system with a security code or a “prox card” system, much like keycards used in hotels, hospitals and many workplaces.

In addition to the cost savings of installing a keyless entry system for property owners, these systems provide unparalleled safety and security for both tenants and owners:

  • Elimination of a master key. No one can get access to the master and make copies, which eliminates the worry and problems associated with a breach of security on this level.
  • Codes can be set and virtually changed at any time to provide easy access for new tenants. The property owner always has control on this process.
  • Many codes can be set on a limited time basis. For example, an owner may need to let in a repairman at a given time into a particular unit. The limited time code could be set for several hours on a given day so access could be gained for repairs, or deliveries without the tenant or owner at that unit. (Also, some of the systems can even track all access to a given area, so there is a record of any entries.)
  • More security than conventional keys and locks because they cannot be “picked”. Breaking into properties is much better deterred with the modern devices.
  • If a property owner has several points of entry for a property, or multiple areas (e.g. pool, laundry, game room, supply room) the codes can be modified for different users. For instance, building staff might have a key that accesses all public spaces at any time, and tenants could have access only at areas at limited hours.
  • People appreciate the extra security of keyless entry systems and are already probably familiar with them from their workplace. And let’s face it–they have a certain “cool” factor!

You can save time and money, and provide extra convenience and safety for your tenants with a keyless entry system. Why not take advantage of

all the possibilities?

Check out the systems at

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