What Renters Leave Behind

 A landlord in Colfax, Washington had the pleasure of discovering a sick, 11-foot long python wrapped around the heater in an abandoned apartment.

According to a news report, after the landlord called police, officers had to seek the assistance of workers at a local veterinary college.  The snake suffered from malnourishment and sustained burns from the heater.

Rescuers are angry over having to incur the expense of caring for an abandoned pet.  They told reporters it is extremely difficult to find a home for a snake that size at local zoos or in other foster care.

They are hoping the renter returns to claim the pet, or alternatively, someone will step up and agree to adopt the snake.  Given the expense, there may be no other option but to have it destroyed.

According to the report, this is the second time in a month that the college has had to assist in rescuing a snake of this size.

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