Welcome to the most recent edition of AAOA’s newsletter.

Dear AAOA member,

At the request of members like you, we have created this newsletter to help you save money on your rental properties and get more value from your membership with the American Apartment Owners Association.

Each month we will be answering member questions and showing you some GREAT ways to save money on your rentals.

This month’s edition is very important, for two reasons:

1.) You may be able to save a lot of money on your rental if you are paying too much on interest. Read below to see how AAOA friend Alan Jones tells you how determine if you are paying too much interest. Feel free to call Alan for more information.
2.) As many of you know, the credit bureaus recently made some drastic changes in the way businesses access personal credit information on tenants. Their changes were a long time coming, due to all the personal identity theft that has plagued consumers over the last several years. Learn how these changes have affected AAOA members, and how AAOA has responded to keep your rental business thriving.

Please let us know if there are articles you would like to see in upcoming editions. Simply drop an email to [email protected].

Warm Regards,

Dan Page

Development Director, AAOA