Walking on Broken Glass: Quick Tips to Make Sure Your Sliding Glass Doors Are Safe

by Nelson Barry, Esq.

An increasing number of injuries are caused by sliding glass doors in the home. And that can mean lawsuits for landlords.

Personal injury attorney Nelson Barry knows all too well the potential dangers of sliding glass doors. In May of 2011, The Law Office of Nelson C. Barry III settled the claim of a client who was severely injured by a door that did not meet most basic safety standards.

Although Barry was able to help his client with his overwhelming medical expenses, income loss and compensation for his injuries, the client will be suffering from an easily preventable injury for many years.

An alarming number of children, adults and pets hurt themselves on sliding glass doors every year. A few quick tips can save you or your tenants from severe injury.

With the help of the National Safety Council, the Law Office of Nelson C. Barry III offer these suggestions for making sliding doors safe:

Enforce rules to keep children and pets away from playing near windows or patio doors.

Ensure that sliding glass doors are made of laminated or tempered glass. These types of glass are sturdier and also is less likely to cause injury if broken.

Decorative stickers are another great way to prevent family and pets from walking through a sliding glass door.

Teach children how to safely open and close a sliding glass door.

Home owners and renters should double check that their doors are safe for their families. Most sliding glass doors made from tempered glass will be labeled as such at the bottom of the door.

Renters who notice that their sliding glass doors are not safe should speak to their landlords immediately. Very simple improvements can help preserve the well being of a household, adds Barry.

Nelson C. Barry III is a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco. Since 1980, Nelson Barry has served as a mediator in more than 2,000 cases and as an arbitrator in more than 50 others in the areas of bodily injury, wrongful death, construction claims, professional malpractice and insurance issues.

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