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applauseIn honor of those who have served our military, are currently serving, and their families, we ask that our readers post comments offering  individual tributes to those you know who deserve our respect and thanks this Veterans Day.

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  • Kim

    In memory of my grandfather Alfred. Thanks for the stories of risks taken, friends lost, and the bonds forged that lasted a lifetime.

  • Dan

    My dad served in WWII, and was part of the first squadron of planes to land on Iwo Jima. His plane landed on the Japanese runway, as snipers were shooting at them. At 90 years old, he is one of the few surviving members left. Can’t imagine having to go through that, and the bravey it takes for all the men and women of the armed forces.

  • Kim Tartaglia

    In honor of my Dad, Alexander Robert Margin who served as a Captain in the Army during WWII along side my uncles, Dick, Carl, Phil, and Bill. A special thanks to all currently serving. And, to Captain Lester Jay Stone, a Naval Academy graduate who turned 100 years old in June, thank you for the chilling stories of the Naval Air Command in Pearl Harbor. Your courage will never be forgotten. Okay, Marisa, my little Marine dynamo and daughter by choice, thank you as well.

  • mark

    In memory of my dad, severely wounded in WWII. He never had a opportunity. always poor always frustrated with the governmental corruption in our country. Remained independent till the day he died.

    In memory of Tim d. the only son of the D’s who was killed for no reason while drafted and serving in Viet Nam. Sent home in a box and planted 6 feet under. His parents still suffer the daily nightmare of the loss.
    In memory of Alphonso B. an Eagle Scout and Altar Boy,who was killed in Viet Nam for no good reason. I miss Alphonso’s intelligence, smile, generous laugh, and good nature.

    Patriotism is blocking Bullets for a Corrupt Government who did not care for the veterans after their commitment /suffering lost lives.

  • Dustin

    I want to thank all the members of the military for their service to our nation. Without their sacrifice, we would not have the freedoms we so cherish. I also own a small business with two employees and I am proud to say that both of my current employees and over 3/4 of everyone that has worked for me have served in the military. God bless you all and thank you again.

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