Top 7 Apps For Real Estate Investors

Apps have changed how real estate investors identify properties and invest in them. Using real estate apps, investors can access massive property databases, including apartments, houses, and commercial buildings, and even filter searches by location, size, and price. They can access it while on the go or from the comfort of their homes and offices.  

They can find properties, view them in three-dimensional formats, calculate investment and returns, and buy or sell properties instantly. This convenience has made it popular among real estate investors, with many of them receiving millions of hits every month.  

The best apps offer investors great experiences due to the accuracy and size of inventory, search efficiency, user interface, reliability, and customer support.  

If you’re a real estate investor who wants convenience and satisfaction. Here are the top five apps that can provide them and make your experience worthwhile: 

1. Concreit 

Concreit is a real estate app that allows investors to invest in commercial real estate efficiently and securely. Investors can use the app to buy and sell shares in non-traded private real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

The shares are invested in loans backed by commercial structures and real estate properties like multi-family complexes, earning investors monthly or weekly dividends. The main benefits of using the Concreit app to invest in real estate are high liquidity and low risk. 

2. CrowdStreet 

CrowdStreet is among the top real estate apps registering high deal flow volumes online. This real estate investing app allows ordinary investors to invest in institutional-quality realty deals online. With at least USD$25,000, ordinary investors can invest in properties that are only accessible to institutional investors and wealthy individuals.  

Through the CrowdStreet app, investors can view numerous properties across different risk profiles and asset classes to find investment opportunities that fit their portfolios. The app makes it easy for investors to understand the real estate industry and is ideal for investors looking to diversify investments. 

Each deal undergoes a comprehensive review before listing, and the app provides detailed information to help investors make informed investment decisions. 

3. CityVest 

If your interest is in institutional real estate, CityVest offers you that opportunity. The app is ideal for accredited investors looking to invest at least USD$25,000 in real estate. CityVest pools investments from different investors to meet the minimum requirements for investing in leading institutional funds beyond individuals’ reach.  

4. Groundfloor 

Groundfloor is one of the best apps for real estate investors. Ideal for accredited and non-accredited investors, the app allows realtors to invest in fractional real estate. It gives realtors access to high-yielding, short-term debt investments in real estate.  

Furthermore, the app allows investors to invest as low as USD$10 and not charge an investor fee. After signing up on the app, investors can build their investment portfolio of high-yielding properties and debt investments based on their reward profiles. Debt investments carry lower risks, allowing investors to generate 10% or more in returns consistently.  

5. AcreTrader 

If you’re interested in investing in farmland, the AcreTrader app can give you access to parcels that are on sale in as little as 10 minutes. The app enables investors to view offerings based on their investment preferences. Moreover, it features different farm types, ranging from almond orchards in California to row crop farms in the Midwest.  

The app offers users one to three options, viewing photos, documents, projected financials, and maps before investing. 

6. Yieldstreet 

Another top real estate app for investors is Yieldstreet. This app gives retail investors access to alternative investment opportunities that include private properties that have been reserved for ultra-wealthy individuals and hedge funds. 

Using Yieldstreet, realtors can take advantage of privately structured credit deals that are ordinarily inaccessible to individual investors. While most transactions are reserved for accredited investors, non-accredited investors can invest as low as USD$1000 through Yieldstreet’s Prism Fund.  

7. HappyNest 

HappyNest is an easy-to-use app that allows realtors to invest in their preferred real estate properties anywhere. It’s an ideal app for anyone new to real estate investing. On HappyNest, you can invest as low as USD$10 in fractional real estate. The app does not charge users platform fees or broker commissions. In addition, it features a portfolio of different high-quality real estate properties. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a real estate investor, you want to find excellent properties to grow your portfolio quickly. Real estate apps make this possible by making a wide range of properties accessible anytime and anywhere.  

Real estate apps offer investors a wide range of properties to choose from in different locations. Investors can find private, commercial properties and even institutional-quality establishments on the apps. Whether you’re looking to make your initial real estate investment or an experienced realtor, the apps featured above can help you find properties to invest in quickly.

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