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Home · Property Management · Latest News : Tenants Scared By Bats Want a Million Dollars
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batsAccording to a report out of New York,  two women who fled their apartment after finding bats want their landlord to pay them a million dollars.

The tenants say they saw the first bat fluttering around one of the rooms of the apartment.  They called the super, and he caught and removed it.

A few days later, the tenants found a bat in the bedroom curtains.  They again complained to the landlord, who they say was unresponsive.

The tenants decided to undergo rabies shots after one woman noticed marks on her arm.

The report does not indicate if the bats were captured or tested for rabies.

The tenants left the $3,000 per month apartment and moved in with relatives.  They say they have experienced pain and suffering, and difficulty sleeping.

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  • Smeado

    Quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.


    Bats can carry hemmoragic respiratory viruses. Dealing with them in a residence should be done with great care. Some are predatory as to larger animals (the South American “vampire bat” is a real animal that feeds off cattle blood, for instance). Protecting them in a conservation environment, versus living with them as roommates is two completely different levels of safety. The latter can pose a health risk that far outweighs the mere threat of contracting rabies if a rabid bat goes nuts and attacks a family. $1M sounds excessive. Real damages should be assessed. How much for medical testing, cleanup to get rid of bacteria and feces, replace potentially contaminated foods, and lock down all access ports to the bats. Issues of compensation for counseling can certainly be costly if she can document psychological trauma resulting from this. Interesting considerations.

  • bijou

    Firstly, which one of these women left open a door or most likely, a window?
    Secondly, if it be summer, I’d be more concerned about the possibility of being bitten by mosquitoes than the insect loving bats. I’d have to say….”thanks” to the bat for saving me from that possibility of getting West Nile Virus or some other death-dealing disease from those vectors.
    Thirdly, the so-called vampire bats that are indigenous to South America are probably not going to venture so forth north as into NY City. After all, where are their feeding grounds? …back on the farm, that’s where.
    Lastly, these women have bats in their belfry to try to collect on such an outlandish claim. Who can be held responsible for what wanders/flies in through open windows and/or doors? The person(s) allowing such…that’s who.

  • steve w

    brasservices… you’re pretty rediculous.

  • Kurt K.

    I was born and raised in a home In Pa. along with my 3 siblings and Mother and Father we lived beside the river our house attic was populated with numerous bats and on occasion one would get in to the house and had to be dealt with. I am a grown man of 50 years, know with 6 children of my own which my wife and I have also raised in the same home with no negative effects or bat attacks. Not to say that in a rental building the landlord should take steps to stop the bats from entering the building but this takes time and does not happen over night. As far as the marks on her arm that’s a joke the type of bats we have in the US do not go around biting people, they fly around and eat insects be thankful we have bats. If they should be filing a law suite against any one it should malpractice on the Dr. part for putting them through rabie shots for nothing.

  • cbarr

    Come on! South American vampire bats live where?? NEW YORK!! do these people live in the zoo? Point is, I get that as a quality landlord providing a service, bats of any sort, whether blood sucking bats on vacation, or the ones I’ve experienced- flying hamsters) pose a big problem that this idiot failed to immediately recognize. But $1M?? Pain and suffering?? Counseling?? If these people react in this way to a situation most people would find almost amusing if treated promptly, than I’m guessing there is more to this story. The press is excellent at getting us all excited over a controversy they research so minimally. I think these tenants are either using this situation as retaliation towards an unprofessional, ignorant landlord or the tenants are just ignorant, greedy and know nothing about the world cuz “SHIT HAPPENS!” Thank you Forest

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