Tenant Asks to Break Lease After Finding Former Tenant’s ‘Roommate’ in the Ceiling

pestsA college student in Indiana asked to break her lease after she discovered something terrifying in her bathroom ceiling.

The woman told a local news reporter that she heard what sounded like something moving around in the bathroom late at night, and decided to investigate on her own.

She isolated the noise as coming from the ceiling, and when she looked up, she noticed that the overhead vent was out of place.

As she reached up to touch the vent, the head of a snake peeked out.

The maintenance crew was able to remove the snake, a 4-foot long baby python, that apparently had belonged to a previous tenant who lived in the apartment below.

After the experience, the woman felt uneasy in the apartment and decided to stay with friends. She asked the landlord to release her from the lease, but so far the landlord has declined.

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