Tenant Advocacy Group Agrees to Mediate Haunting Complaints

The Rental Protection Agency, a national tenant advocacy group, has announced that it now recognizes claims that paranormal events can be cause for legitimate tenant complaints.

RPA cites to evidence in national polls that indicates a large number of people do believe in ghosts.  As a result, the agency known for providing formal complaint resolution for tenants in all 50 States is now officially legitimizing paranormal related apartment complaints.

“Our organization is not claiming to validate the existence of ghosts or hauntings,” states RPA Director Scott Paxton, “but we are validating that this issue is a very real concern for some tenants who claim to be living in haunted apartments.”

The agency adopted the position that unexplained paranormal activity prevents a tenant from their right of enjoyment. Such complaints submitted to RPA’s Complaint Center now will be treated like any other complaint, and not dismissed outright.

The RPA recognizes it likely will take some heat from skeptics about this decision to formally accept paranormal related complaints. However, the agency says it is “more concerned about protecting tenants rights than it is about turning its back on tenants with legitimate concerns.”

Source: RentalProtectionAgency.com

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