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 A landlord is facing charges under a local ordinance that holds him accountable for disruptive tenants.

According to a news report, the landlord owns about 200 units around Elmhurst, Rhode Island, many of which are rented to college students. He has been summoned to court to answer for his tenants.

Under the city’s “orange sticker ordinance”, officials are placing placards on houses that have been the scene of loud parties, drinking, vandalism, littering and other crimes, including throwing snowballs.

A house can be tagged once police have intervened at a gathering. After that, if another event occurs withing six months, the landlord, along with tenants and guests, could face charges and $500 fines, according to the report.

The ordinance is aimed at shaming landlords into policing potentially disruptive tenants, according to the report.

The City Solicitor told reporters the method appears to be working, based on reactions from students over the new law.

Another local rental property owner says she supports the sticker law that penalizes landlords, reasoning that disruptive students should not suffer a criminal record, according to the report.

A police spokesperson says it often is too difficult to make mass arrests when there is a disturbance, because such an attempt could trigger a riot.

However, the police did ticket students who are accused of moving an orange sticker that had been posted on the front door of a rental property.

The landlord’s court date is pending, according to the report.

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