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landlord helpOfficials in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania are sending out letters to tenants demanding the rent.

According to a local news report, under a new ordinance select renters are being told they must pay the rent directly to the borough’s tax collector. If not, the renter can be fined under an obscure state law.

City officials told reporters that many of the affected properties are owned by out-of-town landlords who have not paid city taxes for at least a year. Officials say absentee landlords feel they can buck the system.

According to the report, the town has collected $16,000 to date.

About half of the 1,449 housing units in Turtle Creek are rentals, according to the report.

Landlords have raised a number of concerns including that the law unfairly targets out-of-town landlords, and that not everyone is aware of the law. A local rental association suggests that all landlords be notified of the ordinance, not just those who are behind on their tax bills.

There is no indication of what happens if the tax bill is in dispute.

Other cities are considering similar measures. In the town of Wilkins, for instance, city officials want the law to bar retaliation, including eviction action against a tenant who pays rent to the city rather than the landlord.

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  • James Hancock

    To me it sound like a good thing, my renters have to pay there rent so why shouldent
    some of the money hunger land that don’t pay there bill, and in most cases don’t event care abount the rentals start paying up

  • Mike C

    These landlords need to sue the city.

  • gary

    Your response has left me scratching my head.

    If you have renters (as you imply), you yourself are one of the “money hunger land” (money hungry landlords) to whom the article addresses.

    If you want the government to muscle into the relationship between you and your renters, then you indeed should regard the dictatorial actions of the enlightened officials of Turtle Creek as a “good thing”.

  • Marilyn Simmons

    I think … the City & Government Officials should stay away from the Landlord and Tenant Contract.

    What ever happened to selling the property if the landlord don’t pay his taxes and
    then giving him time to redeem it if he can.

    Property owners must have some Rights as a Owner. Anyone can it a financial bump…

    City & Government Officials are not Landlords and they can never be and do their own jobs efficient.

    Anyway, the property suppose to be the collateral for unpaid taxes … not the landlord’s Rent Money!

  • mary

    ln AZ l pay property taxes, now the city wants me to pay business taxes on a home l rent out. This home is a single family private residence and if l want to rent it to a circus family that is my right to do so.

  • IBQuig

    I wonder if the city then becomes responsible for maintenance and repairs on the property as well as responsible for actions of tenants.

    Along with the receipt of rent is the responsibility to maintain the property and pay mortgages associated with that property. It would be interesting to see how that would play our in court.

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