Rental Review Site Lets Tenants Dish on Landlords

Apartment renters are starting to take advantage of a new research tool:

This site recently became live and is quickly becoming a go-to resource for renters wanting to see what others have to say about a rental property.  Users who currently live in an apartment are not afraid to voice their opinions, good or bad, anywhere they can.

Although still in early growth stages and with only a few thousand listings total, is striving to become one of the most used renter resources. While some skeptics may claim the service won’t catch on,’s developers have not been proven wrong so far.

Focused on remaining an apartment review site and not an apartment listing site, is targeted more for the 18-35 range and is intergrated with popular social media sites like Pintrest, Facebook and Twitter. The company has plans to release a mobile site and even andriod/ipod apps.

Managers can add a property to the site for free, or for a fee they can add some options that will steer traffic to their websites. If negative comments come up, the manager has a chance to explain how those complaints have been rectified or what improvements are in the works.

Created by a group of Chicago renters as a trusted resource for renters, has grown from beta testing in 2011 into one of the fastest growing apartment review sites. The company says it plans to continuously improve services for renters and property managers.

As the site gains a bigger database of property listings, you may want to check back from time to time to see what tenants are saying about your rentals.

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